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formlabs 3d printer is a desktop-sized industrial-grade device you can (almost) afford

by:QUESTT     2020-07-26
Want to print a silk bracelet for yourself?
How about an action chart? Or a tiny to-
The scale model of the Eiffel Tower?
All this and more could be yours, thanks to the success of the first stereo photo (
We will explain it later)home-priced printer.
Kickstarter created a name for himself as a Crowdfunding incubator for strange and excellent inventions, but we haven\'t seen such exciting things since Pebble --
Induced like this. Formlabs, a 3D-
Printingspinoff of the MIT Media Lab has launched a product that is worth obsessed; a home-
A reasonably priced 3D printer that can produce detailed products in the US quarter.
Why so exciting?
Since the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced in 2012 that the 3D printer is one step closer to printing a fully functional human liver, the 3D printer has become a technical enthusiast for a while;
German researchers announced on 2011 that they could print blood vessels.
Even outside of the shower, the 3D printer has been a fantasy feed, triggering a variety of speculations from rebuilding fossils to printable plastic guns. But the ever-
Coveted personal 3D printer-
Allows you to print your own ibuprofen, toilet cleaner and even a 40 k miniatures of Warhammer-
There are always some fatal flaws.
Best 3D printer with laser
Stereo printing technology based on microscope accuracy, allowing printing of something like a lab
Dinosaur bodies growing on leather.
However, from \"ten to twenty years\", stereo printing has been too expensive for consumers.
Thousand yuan bracket and spiral 【ing]upwards.
\"The cheaper custom print like the one provided by MakerBot and RepRap always uses a clumsy process to print, in which\" Plastic is melted and squeezed in thin strips \",scale --until now.
Gizmag reports that the secret of reducing revenuethan-
The $3000 desktop printer is simple: the manufacturers dissect a profile. Pre-
Formlabs in particular
The price of the printer will exceed five digits when the laser is manufactured by light.
The key to the MIT team is to discover that the 450 nm laser used in the Bluray DVD player can achieve the same stereo printing purpose as the laser specifically designed for cutting and engraving materials in 3D printers
With this new price point, demand is overwhelming.
Formlabs just reported that it hit six times the $100,000 Kickstarter target in a day and sold completely in a $2,299 machine. Complaints?
First, the printer has printed only one substance so far;
A special resin is only available for sale at the Formlabs store, with cash of about $149 and only available in limited clear film and color.
This is far from the novelty offered by chocolate printer Choc Edge or various materials (
Color plaster and sterling silver included)
Provided by the printing service provider.
But the biggest complaint so far is the size of the printer.
Strictly limited to 5x5 inch for any object it prints, the \"table\" may make your miniatures, but it will not print any media lab yet.
Nevertheless, it is clear that the potential of the FormLabs and 3D printing industries is almost limitless, and founder David Crane spoke about this in an interview with Xconomy.
\"Since the cost is greatly reduced and the availability is greatly improved compared to the products currently available, we want to provide this great technology to more designers, engineers and manufacturers than ever before.
This means that more awesome products will enter the world in the future.
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