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Fiber Laser Scores Aperture Logo in Steel While Playing Portal\'s \"Still Alive\" Theme Song

by:QUESTT     2020-07-08
Thanks to Christopher\'s three, most of you who are afraid of lightning may be very familiar with laser weapons
Parts series covering carbon dioxide, flashlights and semiconductor lasers.
Another laser weapon currently under development is a fiber laser, which is compact and efficient, but much weaker than a chemical laser.
Fiber lasers are more commonly used in laser cutting and marking, telecom, spectrum, and of course. . . music.
Using the 20-watt turnkey fiber laser, stainless steel plates and some well-thought-out marks from automated lasers, the player chjade84 re-created Jonathan Coulton\'s still alive theme song.
The best part of this music laser?
While reproducing the theme song (
With the help of Xusder)
, Fiber laser engraving the logo of the aperture lab where the portal video game is located.
Since the laser marking is not entirely made for the theme music, it took chjade84 a long time to complete the task in the video.
But gladrose will definitely agree!
If you are interested in carving your own laser/music steel plate with an aperture science logo, you may be lucky.
Chjade84 has contacted Valve for permission to distribute.
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