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fiber laser marker - the best industrial solution for ...

by:QUESTT     2020-05-06

In the past 20 years, in terms of label media, the use of fiber laser marking has been highly requested.It provides substantial advantages in determining product inventory, and also provides the ability to inform consumers about the product.It has become very useful in industry and commerce.There are several laser markers on the market, but fiber laser markers are one of the latest technology updates.It uses fiber pumping technology to doping optical fibers with rare earth elements such as yb.This element helps to improve the ability of the fiber to conduct LEDs and then send the LEDs to the optical end head through the fiber pump.At that point in time, the beam expands to produce the laser marking capability.Fiber laser marking can be used in various materials, especially in different types of metal engraving.It is used for medical devices, jewelry carving, laser cutting, etc.They are also used to make high resolution images that do not require ink and acid for electronic applications.The device is simpler than other forms and cheaper to use.It requires minimal maintenance.The fiber laser machine has different ranges.The most important benefit is its minimum component replacement, where the diode has a significant lifetime and does not increase the cost.If needed, a replacement can be made in the absence of a technician.It helps with air-cooling design.It is the best machine for cutting and marking diamonds for marking and engraving plastic, metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramics, rubber, acrylic and textiles.The laser cutting machine is used to cut the plate material as well as the structure and pipe material.They are specially used for industrial manufacturing applications.The resulting laser beam is focused on the material that must be cut with a motion control system used by CNC or a coded system for gas injection.There are different types of lasers used by laser cutting machines.CO2 is used for cutting, drilling and engraving.Nd is used to use high energy boredom with fewer repetitions, and another for situations where high power is required.
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