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bull\'s eye: metal gun produced using 3d printer

by:QUESTT     2020-07-30
Houston: a company in Texas claims to have built the first metal gun using a 3D printer, raising the heated debate in the United States about people\'s ability to create their own guns to a new level.
Solid concept, a professional manufacturing company, said in a blog post that it had fired 50 bullets from the gun and even hit several bulls --
Eyes over 30 yards.
The pistol is a version of the M1911, a pistol designed by John Browning, originally widely used in the later stages of combat in the PhilippinesAmerican War.
It was built from 33 stainless steel.
Steel parts and carbon-
Fiber handle carved with laser. \"The 3D-
\"Printing metal guns proves that 3D printing is more than just making trinkets and Yoda avatars,\" the company said in a blog post . \".
On Friday, some solid concepts went out of their way to point out that the production of metal guns was not intended to promote a trend that worried law enforcement agencies and some politicians.
As 3D printers become more popular and cheaper, some imagine that in the near future criminals can build weapons that cannot be tracked without leaving home.
\"It\'s not about desktop 3D printers,\" company spokesman Alyssa Parkinson wrote in a blog post . \".
She wrote that metal guns are not meant to make guns that are cheaper or easier to get with 3D printers.
Basic 3D printers are available for about $2,000.
However, the solid concept uses a professional high
The report says the cost of the final printer will be beyond the reach of most people.
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