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tile saws - selecting the right saw for your cutting job

by:QUESTT     2020-06-28
The tile saw is used to cut floor materials such as tiles, porcelain, marble, granite and slate.
There are several different types of tile saws, but they all have some basic similarities.
All tile saws cut by high speed grinding or scraping the surface of the material.
This is usually done with a diamond blade.
As their name suggests, there are many tiny artificial industrial quality diamonds in the diamond blades suspended in hardened metal powders.
When the blade rotates on the tile, the diamond scrape the material in a fine straight line and finally cut the tile in half.
The blade accumulates heat when cutting.
To prevent excessive heat from the blade
The tile saw heats the motor and cools the blade with water when cutting.
Diamond blades can be replaced when worn.
The blade can also be replaced on the saw, allowing the saw user to cut different materials using different blade types.
These saws are small, light and portable.
They feature blades that protrude through slots on the cut surface.
The blade sizes on these saws range from 4 to 7 inch in diameter.
Since these saws generally do not have a table rail, there is no physical limit on the size of the tiles they can cut.
In fact, it is difficult to cut tiles larger than the size of the table.
Directly below the blade is the water pan.
When the blade rotates, it cools through water.
The cutting depth of the blade is usually adjustable.
Some saws also allow adjusting the angle of the blade for oblique cutting.
Because the blades turn directly on the motor shaft, these saws usually have only one speed.
Due to their size and simple design, these saws are relatively cheap and easy to use and are a good choice for homeowners.
7 inch tile saws with brackets these saws are larger and heavier than table saws and usually carry brackets.
A blade with a diameter of 7 inch is mounted on a cutting table that slides on a roller or bearing.
When the tile is pushed into the blade, it is still fixed on the table.
These saws use the pump system to cool the blade instead of simply soaking in water.
They use a direct drive motor and often have accessories such as laser cut rails that are not found on smaller saws.
These saws generally do not handle tiles larger than 13 \"square meters.
This kind of saw is suitable for experienced homeowners or contractors who are looking for a cost-effective saw that is easy to move.
A saw like this is expected to pay between $200 and $500.
The saws are large and heavy, with 10 inch tile saws.
They can reach a weight of 150 pounds or more and are equipped with a belt drive motor.
Many of these saws have multiple cutting speeds, which makes them more flexible when cutting a variety of materials.
While some saws can use larger blades, these use blades with a diameter of 10 inch.
Their larger frame and cutting table means they can handle large-format tiles.
Some saws in this category can cut tiles up to 30 inch square meters.
These saws use water pumps to cool the blades and are equipped with multiple accessories for cutting angles and herringbone.
This saw is the choice of contractors and other heavy duty users.
The price of this saw ranges from $500 to thousands of dollars.
When selecting a tile saw, users should remember what kind of performance they need.
By matching the size of their work, the size and type of material that needs to be cut, and the available budget, the user is sure to buy a tile saw that is right for the job at hand.
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