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the next 3d printed object you see could be a building

by:QUESTT     2020-04-19
In 2013,U. S.
US President Barack Obama has announced that 3D printing \"has the potential to radically change the way we make almost everything.
\"But for ordinary people, when they think of 3D printed objects, they may be the shape of the toy, the various components of the furniture, or just the whimsical patterns found on the Internet.
3D xl is a 3D printing cultural exhibition presented by the Toronto Design Exchange Museum, considering the potential of 3D printing in a larger range --
One day, the most recent 3D printing object may be the object of your life.
The application of 3D printing has surpassed the desktop machines that began to appear in the consumer market in the past few years.
Just this month, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the first 3D printing drug.
Researchers are even developing ways to print skin tissue, a finding that can effectively end the waiting for organ transplants.
But the use of these technologies will not become part of our daily lives in the next few years or even decades.
On the other hand, the building may take advantage of the power of the 3D printer faster.
The 3DXL is filled with designer advice in a range of materials from pragmatism to fantasy.
One of the most exciting elements of 3D printing (
Especially in terms of architecture)
Is that manufacturers can use materials that already exist. site. Take salt.
In the exhibition, 3D designers in the Bay Area will have an ice house --Like structure (
Properly named Saltygloo)
Harvest a fraction of 500,000 tons of salt each year in San Francisco Bay.
Granted, shelters may seem a bit fragile, but these are early ones.
Not all 3DXL projects provide shelter-
Many are decorative.
The center of the exhibition is the 3D Arabic wall.
Architect Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenberg\'s printed sandstone integral building.
This extremely heavy sculpture looks a bit like H. R.
If GEG had been in the Middle East for a long time, he might have created it.
It is not clear where the work can live, but as part of the contemporary work it will naturally fit into it (or ancient)palace.
The mangrove structure of Denegri Bessai\'s studio is a more crude building, but it is also raised from imagination. It features 3D-
A printed polymer arranged in a dome grid, imitating the form of a mangrove forest.
Most of the attention of the 3DXL is focused on visually amazing things, which is natural.
Using 3D printing in a building environment is an impressive new way of thinking about buildings, materials, shapes and surfaces.
But some of these projects reflect the social conscience of their designers, indicating that they are considering not only shiny things, but also accessibility, social justice and human health.
There is a great possibility of 3D printing, and this is what curator Sara Nickleson wants visitors of 3D xl to see: \"There are so many [
This technology]—
You can print with human cells.
I want people to see how many of them are here and the possibility of a huge impact on their future. \"3DXL: A Large-
3D printing exhibition organized by design exchange and cooperation
Presented by Great Bay and printing factory, appears at 363 King StreetW.
In Toronto until August 30. $11 plus tax ($5. 50 members, $8.
25 seniors/students, free for children under 12 years of age).
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