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the disadvantage and advantage of inkjet printing

by:QUESTT     2020-07-21
Knowing that inkjet printing is a flexible cost
An effective and reliable way to achieve high-quality printed products.
This inkjet printing has its own defects.
Disadvantages of Inkjet include fragile print heads (
Easily blocked or blocked)
And expensive cartridges.
These two main disadvantages of inkjet printing must be the reason why some consumers consider laser printers applied to large-capacity printers.
Some consumers are taking another approach so that they can save money by using compatible universal cartridges or reinstalling them
If they are aware of the consequences of using an unofficial product, then their product warranty may fail.
Ink bleeding is another adverse factor for inkjet printing, in which case the ink is horizontally away from the desired position through the capillary effect;
The result is a muddy look on some types of paper.
These shortcomings of inkjet printing are enough, and what we are seeing now is a brighter side.
Compared to earlier consumer-facing printers, inkjets has many advantages.
Some of them are: they are quieter in operation than the impact point matrix or the daisywheel printer.
They can print finer, smoother details with a higher print head resolution, as well as many realistic ink jets --
High quality color printing is widely available.
Compared to more expensive technologies such as thermal wax, dye sublimation and laser printers, ink injection has the advantage of little warmth
Less time and cost per page (
Except for the laserprinters).
Inkjet printers are computer printers that operate by pushing tiny drops of liquid ink onto paper.
They are computer printers widely used by ordinary consumers because of their low cost, high output quality, bright colors and ease of use.
With regard to bleeding issues, there are now more inkjet printer manufacturers who also sell specially processed paper to avoid bleeding problems when printing, but this paper is expensive and sometimes has a strange texture.
This is a perfect piece of paper for inkjet printers.
Because most inkjet printers use water.
It can be dissolved and inkjet must be used carefully-
Print the document to avoid causing serious blur or running even the smallest drop of water.
Highlighter marking is not recommended for such documents.
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