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Plasma Cutting - Why Is It The Best Metal Cutting Method?

by:QUESTT     2020-05-30
Metal Cutting is important for many businesses and industries.Things that were difficult or almost impossible to accomplish in the past have now become easy due to evolving technology.As we all know, metal is a super material that we often see in our daily life.What most of us don\'t realize is that these manufacturers, especially construction companies, have been looking for the best cutting systems that can handle their job requirements.One of the most common cutting methods is oxygenDepending on the type of metal you are working on, use fuel for acetylene gas, propylene, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, natural gas or propane.Cutting a thick metal with a thickness of more than 1 inch is the most popular method because it works faster than plasma.However, when reality began, it was later realized that stainless steel and aluminum could not be cut with oxygen.Fuel technology is due to the chemical reaction that occurs during contact with oxygen.There must be a better way to find laser and plasma cutting machines!Although the laser cutting machine is not as commonly used as the plasma cutting machine, it still has a considerable share in the entire international market.However, due to its expensive price and the slow cutting of certain materials, the plasma machine has gained a firm foothold and has become the first choice for almost anyone cutting metal.There is also another good reason for this, because while metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and copper do not notice the traditional laser cutting method, the plasma cutting machine is effective in this regard.In fact, it is well known that it works for all types of conductive metals.In plasma cutting, the gas input depends on the type of metal you are going to process.They are input and compressed into the nozzle, and when they are released, they travel at a very high speed with the help of the input power, and when they come in contact with the air, it produces an arc.It turns the gas into another state, the plasma.In this process, the gas is heated so much that when the plasma jet touches the metal workpiece, it actually passes through the metal workpiece and separates it.When the flame heats the metal, the speed or speed of the plasma jet separates the metal elements.Are plasma cutting machines suitable for all types of metal?There are some theories about the fact that plasma cutting machines cannot cut certain metals, but this is not the case.By mixing and matching the right gas, this can be done easily no matter which type of steel you are trying to cut!For example, when it comes to cutting aluminum with smooth edges, ar and hydrogen form a good combination.This mixture is also effective for cutting stainless steel, but please note that other types of gas such as nitrogen can also be used.Before you study any metal, it is strongly recommended that you find out the metal group to which it belongs, so that you can adjust your machine to achieve the best results.In addition, one of the most important factors to consider when using a plasma cutting machine is how thick the metal pieces are.If it is a thick sheet, the cutter needs to be set to a higher cutting capacity and voltage.However, if you are cutting thin sheets such as aluminum, you should pay attention to keeping the amplifier at a minimum, otherwise the torch may tear off the sheets in an uneven way.In addition, the torch head needs to be kept at a fairly high height in order to provide space for free movement, thus avoiding the destruction of the nozzle.Let\'s face it. metal cutting is not as simple as it looks.It is one thing to buy a suitable machine.Using it correctly on different surfaces and designs is a completely different story.So, before you decide to go out and buy a plasma cutter.Try to determine the type of metal your workpiece belongs to, the artwork or template you are trying to implement, the thickness, and finally, how much you are willing to spend!Based on some of the factors we mentioned in this article, we do not see any reason why you should not use plasma as the preferred tool.However, as we always tell people, money is yours and business is yours, so in the end you are the boss from what you want to use!
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