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new technology is making it easy to create and print 3d designs from the comfort of your home

by:QUESTT     2020-05-27
The Wacom Intuos 3D pen and tablet gives beginners and professionals access to 3D art and printing.
Intuos 3D is the first
Create a complete and affordable solution for printing
Ready 3D Design Source: supplier do you know that it is actually relatively easy to create, carve and print your own 3D art design?
I can tell you, because I see a concept that becomes a reality in front of my eyes.
While you still need to have a solid understanding of design and artistic talent, Wacom has released the first one
Create an affordable solution for printing
Prepare 3D design on PC or Mac.
The $299 Digital pen tablet and display technology is called Intuos 3D, providing all the necessary tools for those who are interested in preparing designs for 3D printing.
\"While 3D design and DIY printing have become very popular, Wacom sees an opportunity to improve the front end --
\"The end of the creative design process and provide a complete solution specifically designed for 3D enthusiasts, especially the 3D enthusiasts who have just started,\" a spokesperson said . \".
3D\'s battery of shadow extension
Free, cordless and stress free
The sensitive Intuos pen is built from a 3D creation Foundation that professional film and game studios have been using for years, and it allows ordinary people to create printer-ready designs.
What\'s even more impressive is that a pen can mimic the same feeling and feedback when using traditional brushes, markers or ceramic tools.
The artists are satisfied with their works;
This is as simple as exporting the files sent to the 3D printer.
Form 2 can print its own design Source: YouTubeFor people who don\'t have the money to buy their own 3D printer, have the option to have the office work or Harvey Norman to handle this.
In this case, we see that the design is sent to form 2-$4,199-
A desktop 3D printer for printing objects using special photosensitive resin and laser systems.
The printer works by firing UV laser into a thin layer of liquid resin to produce a solid layer
Then, a process repeats over and over again, forming a 3D model layer by layer.
When printing the design, it will be surrounded by many braces used in the process that are broken to show the finished product.
The interesting side of technology if you don\'t like your own design, 3D printing can also be used to create your own miniature model.
Earlier this year Artec 3D, the world\'s leading developer of handheld 3D scanners, demonstrated the technology at CES. Using a full-body scanner —four wide-view high-
Resolution scanner fixed on rotary rig
Artec was able to scan my entire body in less than 12 seconds.
Then send this scan to 3D printer and mini printerme was created.
But what is the effect of this technology?
Look at the finished product below and look at it yourself.
Printing is very accurate from my tats to socks I don\'t match.
Source: to the real I provided the same pose as 3D printing.
Source: supplier have you been inspired by trying 3D printing?
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