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Laser Cutting For Producing Precise Metal Shapes

by:QUESTT     2020-04-18
Laser cutting is an industrial process for cutting accurate metal shapes from plates, plates or tubes.
This is usually the first step in sheet metal manufacturing.
Parts that are laser-cut are usually moved to secondary metal manufacturing operations such as forming, processing, and welding, and eventually become mechanical, toy, vehicle, or large host.
In fact, laser cutting can be used to cut a variety of materials: including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and non-metal
Wood, plastic, silicon, paper, glass and other metals.
Inside the laser cutting machine, a laser beam is generated by placing electrical stimulation laser material (usually CO2) in a closed container (called a cavity.
The beam is then reflected internally to obtain the energy and focus it into a monochrome beam of coherent light.
This light is focused in the work area and the material is melted and blown out of the material.
Nitrogen is the most commonly used gas to blow the melted material out of the cut, but oxygen or other gases can also be used.
Skilled laser operators must adjust the power, feed rate and the type and flow rate of the gas in order to achieve the best cutting quality and speed.
There are several ways to transfer the laser to the material to be cut.
Either the beam itself needs to move, the material being cut needs to move, or both the laser and the material move so that the desired shape can be cut.
When the laser head itself moves, it is often referred to as a \"flying optical system \".
However, this method is the fastest in terms of cutting and requires a more complex optical system to consider the change in beam length from cavity to workpiece.
Instead, the fixed head laser requires a simpler beam transmission system, but is running slower than the flying optics.
The hybrid laser system is a combination of the first two methods, using the optical head to move along a shorter x-axis, while the bed provides a more constant beam transmission path along a longer Y, axis than the full-flight optical method and uses a simpler beam transmission system.
Compared to the flying optical machine, the system has a larger capacity per watt and operates at a speed between the other two systems.
Regardless of which optical system the laser cutting machine uses, it must obtain the information required to cut the part to the specification on the print.
All modern lasers are digitally controlled using computers (CNC)system.
There are a variety of programming software systems that can be used, and some are automated and can be printed in certain programs, such as solid works, to generate the code needed to make parts with very little manual input.
Radan is a software with this function.
The software will nest parts for optimal paper use and reduce or eliminate programming time and errors.
In conclusion, laser cutting is an excellent and precise way to cut metal shapes that may or may not require further metal manufacturing processes.
There are many methods of laser cutting. several methods are introduced above.
These variables are used to determine the cost of cutting the part.
Should be able to provide high quality parts at a good price and fast turnaround-around time.
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