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from earphones to jet engines, 3d printing takes off

by:QUESTT     2020-07-18
New York: many manufacturers are in the early stages of discovering the benefits of 3D printing, but one of the most obvious advantages is customization.
Typically, consumers can use the mobile app to take ears, transfer photos to a 3D printing facility at a New York startup, and then receive a custom headset within 48 hours.
This process combines today\'s clicksand-
Go with a homemade speedto-
The spirit of the order, recalling the days of visiting a tailor or cobbler.
The motto of the company: \"Normal: one size is not suitable.
After a relatively obscure 30 years, 3D printing technology suddenly became one of the hottest areas of technology that used lasers to \"print\" objects from metal or plastic.
HP computer giant
Packard recently announced that it will launch its own ultra-
By 2016, the fast 3D printer on the market \"made people create, interact and inspire as never before \".
General Electric chief executive Jeff Immelt says 3D printing can make manufacturing \"sexy\" again \". President Barack Obama praised it for \"the potential to radically change the way we make almost everything \".
\"It\'s a bit confusing, it\'s very exciting,\" Israel-
Stratasys, a 3D printer manufacturer in the United States.
\"There are a lot of venture capital in the market.
\"But despite the widespread enthusiasm for the technology, some companies think it is more of a long-term technology.
The rules of the game have changed.
Boeing is not expected to produce major metal parts for 3D printing for at least 20 years, although company officials say the time frame may accelerate.
3D printing is \"definitely on the radar screen,\" said Dave Dietrich, leader of additive metal technology for aerospace giants.
\"The system needs to be bigger and more repeatable,\" he said . \".
\"We want to make sure we have the proper testing and confidence in the process \".
The hype to weigh 3D printing stems from 1980, when inventor Chuck Hull began to try liquid plastics that harden when they are exposed to UV light.
Hull finally found that thousands of these plastic sheets can be layered or \"printed\" on top of each other to form a three
Dimension object. He co-
A 3D system was created, and the company developed software for 3D printing and building 3D printers from computer images.
Still, Herin May told the Quartz site that some of the discussions about 3D printing were \"absolutely hype and won\'t happen \".
The recent surge in interest comes after the \"manufacturer\" community accepts 3D printing technology --
New technologyit-
Creative Sports-
Peter barryer, vice president of research at Gartner, said.
Now, people can buy their own 3D printers for less than $1,000 (RM3,327)
And business-
The size of the machine starts at a low price of $2,500 (RM8,318).
Gartner, a market research firm, predicts that global spending on 3D printing will increase from $1 to $1. 6bil (RM5. 32bil)
It reached around $13 in 2015. 4bil (RM44. 58bil)in 2018.
Basiliere is particularly optimistic about the application of medical equipment such as hearing aids and artificial limbs, because this technology \"has life\"
Change the potential \".
The normal motivation comes from founder Nikki Kaufman\'s frustration that headphones don\'t fit and learn about custom headphones
The cost of manufacturing through traditional manufacturing could reach $2,000 (RM6,654)
It will take a few weeks.
Kaufman raised five million dollars (RM16. 63mil)
In August, she opened a joint factory/store in New York City.
The space has 10 3D printers but can accommodate up to 30.
GE is one of the largest manufacturers active in the field of 3D printing.
The company has been using the technology to make fuel nozzles for the LEAP jet engine that will be put into use in 2015. GE uses a 200-
Watt laser will be super-
A thin layer made of metal powder for the manufacture of fuel nozzles.
3D printing allows it to add a cooling path to prevent construction
The carbon deposition of conventional manufacturing nozzles in March increased the durability of 3D parts by five times.
Rick Kennedy, a General Electric Aviation spokesman, said 3D printing is especially effective for \"very complex parts that are difficult to make in the traditional way . \".
To reduce material and energy costs, GE is testing 3D printing of other engine parts.
But Kennedy said adding more parts to the engine after extensive testing would be \"very gradual \".
\"You go very carefully because you have to deal with the parts that absolutely have to work,\" he said . \". —
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