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DIY LASER Engraving/Cutting for Dummies

by:QUESTT     2020-04-25
In this manual we will learn how to start with the NEJE 1000 mW laser engraving/cutting machine.
Also, many users have problems with the products that are seen on youtube, so I have also found a solution to the problem.
The material list subscribes to my channel to see the laser hack and project what laser engraving is the process of cutting the design to a hard, usually flat surface by cutting the groove into a groove using a laser. What is laser ?
The laser represents \"excitation Emission Light amplification of radiation\", which emits light through the light amplification process of radiation-based excitation Emission Light.
If misused, the laser indicator has the potential to permanently damage your vision!
Please read and follow these safety precautions when using the laser pointer!
Laser is a light source that can be dangerous for people exposed to it.
Even a low-power laser can cause harm to one\'s vision.
The coherence and low divergence of the laser means that it can be focused by the eye to a very small point on the retina, causing local combustion and permanent damage in a few seconds.
Some wavelengths of laser can cause cataract, and even cause the liquid in the eye-the boiling of the glass room.
Infrared and UV lasers are particularly dangerous because the body\'s \"blink reflex\" only works when the light is visible, and this reflex can protect the eyes from excessive bright light.
I didn\'t know the laser until I got a laser engraver. The Neje laser engraver seems to be a very cheap laser engraver.
I grabbed it at a sale for $80.
It works in offline and online mode, in which case all you need to do is use the adapter.
Advantages VS ConsIt are cheap. It is pre-
Assemble until you can start your work soon. Calibration is good except that the focus will take a whole day to adjust it later.
No conversion or G code required.
Cons software has a bug that you need to restart.
Power issues cause the laser to stop, in which case just change the external power that is larger than the PC.
This laser engraving works with DVD-
ROM stepping motor with dedicated controller to control movement.
This is really a cool way to reduce bonuses.
It is equipped with a software called laser engraving, which is very easy to use and use.
Check this video to see how to set up the laser engraverThe machine has two portsSo that they don\'t mention on their website. This printer has a lot of power issues with users.
The reason is that power is obtained from both ports.
While the USB port is helpful for communication, it also acts as a power port.
When the laser stopped working during printing, I had a problem.
Using two power adapters and plugging them into the adapter will solve the power issue. I see on the Internet that a laser cutter or sculptor needs an mp file.
Where is the software?
You can download the software from trusfer.
What file is it?
File format, also known as a bitmap image file or a device-independent bitmap (DIB)
File format or simple bitmap, is the raster graphic image file format used to store bitmap digital images, independent of how the display device converts other formats to bitmap files?
You can use this online tool, or you can use Photoshop to help you change the format, because the laser engraving software converts the jpeg image to the mp itself, so there is no need to do all of this.
This is a very good feature that comes with the software.
The steps to use the software here are online tools that can convert text from jpeg and it is very useful to make files using photoshop.
If you make the text into a jpeg file using photoshop congrats, follow these steps.
To carve the cardboard, you need to cut it into number 2. 5 cm x 2.
5 cmWe put the design of the engraving in the laser engraver.
Change the burning time of the profile image that fills the image to 60 seconds consider changing the settings to 30-
35 secIt ensures that the cardboard does not burn.
In this step, the file is also free to try.
Wood and popsicles need more time to burn compared to cardboard.
You need to change the settings of the engraving process.
The burning time of the wood will exceed 150 seconds, and the burning time of the popsicle will exceed 90 seconds. In this step, the file is also free to try.
The foam board can be easily cut using this mini laser engraver.
The time to burn should be small.
The cutting process requires more heat, and the engraving burning time will be 20/30 seconds.
I used the settings for 150 seconds and the result was good. In this step, the file is also free to try.
The only downside to this product is that they have a small engraving area, but I got a hack that divides the images into several parts and prints them several times to get a big image.
Here is an example of processing. The image of Iron Man does this, the first half prints the head, and the second half prints the torso and legs for free trial.
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