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demand for 3d printers set to double

by:QUESTT     2020-07-18
Although this product is still a niche product to a large extent, it is expected that the annual shipments will reach 2.
3 million to 2018.
It doesn\'t sound like-
Apple sold more than 10 million iPhones in three days in September.
But according to Gartner, there are signs that 3D printers are starting to find a broader appeal.
\"As we pointed out last year, the 3D printer market is at an inflection point,\" said Peter barreyer, vice president of research at Gartner . \".
\"The growth rate of unit shipments of 3D printers has been at low single digits and double digits per year for 30 years since the invention of the first 3D printer, and starting in 2015, this number will increase significantly.
\"Even though the forecast numbers seem radical, remember that even 2.
We expect 3 million shipments to be sold in 2018 to account for only a fraction of the total potential market for consumers, businesses and government organizations worldwide.
\"It is expected that only 108,151 3D printers will be shipped by the end of this year, but this number will double to 217,350 by December 2015 and will continue to be shipped annually until 2018.
Businesses have begun to see the benefits of 3D printing, a fast and efficient way to create prototypes
Scale production operation.
In addition, the price of the basic material extrusion printer began to fall below $1,000 (RM3,277)
Mark, these devices are also starting to attract consumers.
\"The growth in the volume of high material extrusion shipments has basically driven the prediction of 3D printers,\" Basiliere said . \".
\"New suppliers are entering the market, sometimes directly, and sometimes through crowdfunding activities, which seems to be going on every day.
These suppliers are taking advantage of the opportunity for early extrusion technology patents to expirecost, low-
Pricing equipment mainly for consumers.
\"Gartner also predicts that manufacturers will consider adding new features to their devices over the next few years, not discounts, not competing on prices.
Plug and print are expected to be a key feature in the next few years, where consumers can connect the printer to a computer, click \"print\" and easily create 3D objects to make two sizes with a laser or inkjet printer.
One out of every 10 3D printers costs less than $1,000 (RM3,277)
This feature is expected to be available by 2016.
\"This trend will accelerate, because the market is mainly composed of people who used the open model in the early days.
SOURCE method without lock
\"Ins is evolving into a market dominated by ordinary consumers,\" said ins liere . \".
\"Although early adopters will be angry after the 3D printer is turned on --
In the spirit of the source, the vast majority of mainstream consumers will require \"plug and play\" to provide them with simple and consistent operations. \" —
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