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\'Black Friday\' \'Cyber Monday\' And Blue Friday Deals for Makers and 3D Printer Fans

by:QUESTT     2020-07-03
Update November 22, 1130 morning PST: If you have read this article, jump to page 2 and page 3 for the New Black Friday/Cyber Monday trading announcement, especially X-Carve (
Free international shipping! )
And from carbide 3D, the manufacturer\'s Shapeoko bench CNC machine tool.
* In desktop, consumer-
For the world of 3D printing, MatterHackers are growing into one of the main players.
The online retailer is not content to live in a traditional Black Friday, but instead comes up with its own main holiday offer day and decides to call it \"Blue Friday \"(
Match their logo).
As an emerging industry, 3D printing, and even the manufacturer movement, is not mainstream enough to be mentioned in the major Black Friday or online Monday advertising frenzy, but there must be enthusiasm and energy.
This is two or three.
Page list of blue Friday, Black Friday and Web Monday type specials from various 3D printing and manufacturer companies.
Note: I make sure to link directly to the product or sales page where possible, however, none of these links are affiliate sales links.
Update: Since the one-day deal on blue Friday November 17 has ended, I have removed the link and details.
Let\'s focus on Black Friday to online Monday deals, they are still sweet sales.
See the short list below.
I \'ve always been particularly keen to test some of the newer devices MatterHacker carries, such as the print dry silk drying system (
My wife didn\'t like me using our kitchen toaster . . . . . . )
After-sales special material nozzle for Ultimaker 3, 3D Solex HardCore Pro 7 printing core.
Here are the Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals from MatterHackers. [/tweet_quote]
This tweet: Adafruit: Friday, 11/24 to Monday, we will offer a 11/27 discount from our entire catalog discount code.
On BF, our entire feather assortment will be 20% of one of my favorite manufacturer stores, and if it weren\'t for the name, it would be the evil mad scientist. Co-
Founder Wendell H.
Oskay told me that they would make a website.
Big sale, all things are reduced by 15% (
Very popular AxiDraw V3 included)
Using Coupon Code THANKS from November 22-
In the online store of evil crazy scientists.
If you are in the Sunnyvale area of California, you can visit it yourself.
This tweet: One of my favorite manufacturer stores, if not for the name, is the evil mad scientist.
# BlackFriday deals in PostClick continue to get more deals on page 2! !
MakerBot is probably one of the most famous 3D printers in the world (
It was acquired by Stratasys.
And there are the following Black Friday promotions that will be live on Black Friday\'s MakerBot storefront homepage: Ninjatek, manufacturer of high performance NinjaFlex flex filament, I will offer a Black Friday special, but I have nothing else but their confirmation (
To be fair, the huge FormNext 3D exhibition is now being held in Germany, and many of them are scrambling to go there to prepare for the big holiday promotion).
Many desktop 3D printer companies have told me that they have special offers, but they will not release them until next week.
What I know so far is: you won\'t want to miss a visit to SparkFun Electronicson Black Friday: Twitter: Black Friday: 20% off most projects in the invention kit of SparkFun catalogNew SparkFun (SIK 4. 0)$20 off($79. 95 sale price)
$500 off price for TAZ 6 3D printer (
Monoprice is an online electronics giant known for its cables and connectors, but it also produces a range of 3D printers.
I \'ve been testing one of their latest delta units (
However, it was not released until April 2018)
Its small size, impressive print quality, not to mention its low, low$200 price.
They are counting down sales on Black Friday, with discounts of up to 67% for specific products by November 21.
On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can expect almost 20% of everything.
In addition, here are two manufacturers/3D printer specials: Dremel, known for its hand tools of the same name and creators of such products, also made 3D printers, if you don\'t hear them
The latest Dremel Builder 3D45 3D printer is very popular in many schools and workshops and a strong competitor.
I was very excited to hear about their comingto-
Laser engravers, cutter, LC40 were launched in the summer of 2018.
There are no special deals for the printer itself, but manufacturers will still be happy to hear about these \"traditional\" deals for Power Tools: Makey, those who brought you the banana keyboard and other fun DIY projects traded the box of Makey Classic: GIF table Collector online for a price of 25%.
You will need to use the discount code: 2017 monmonday_b00m!
Will be broadcast live on November 27.
Click continue to get more deals on page 3! ! Proto-
One of the best pasta
The well-known 3D filament manufacturer will launch its \"bad deal\" next week on Black Friday: Proto-
Pasta also plans to launch a special edition of winter blue-
Flash flakes HTPLA just in time for the holiday.
If you \'ve never seen their unique colors and fine threads of special metal or fragrance, they are worth a try.
Via Twitter, a relatively new 3D printer contacted me after reading this: Dagoma3D.
I am often a little hesitant to write new printers that have not been thoroughly tested by the community.
But Joel told me that through a quick search, I found one of my favorite 3D printing experts and posted a message about the Dagoma Neva 3D printer on his 3D printing nerd YouTube channel, and gave it a good review.
So that\'s enough for me to mention them.
The network Monday special event for Dagoma3d starts today and it sells the Neva model for $249 with free shipping (save $150)
Now until November 30.
I also heard from Cricut that Cricut is the manufacturer of DIY cutting machines used by various types of manufacturers, creators and artisans ---
Their \"Black Friday\" deal was made on the ricut Doue Air 2 machine for $209 (down from $229. 99).
Available on Amazon.
Shapeoko desktop CNC machine tool 3D of hard alloy.
Their other desktop machine, Nomad 883, was named \"Best CNC factory\" by Make: Magazine in their \"final guide to desktop manufacturing 2016\" based on Make: Magazine\'s
So these guys did the right thing.
I\'m often in Southern California and don\'t know if these people live in Torrance or I\'ll call to arrange a visit and presentation.
But I \'ve been back in Seattle for a while and I have to wait.
Look at their specials, according to the blog post, for the duration of December 1. Shapeoko 3-
Free shipping and free router in USA.
The free router will be DeWalt or Makita depending on our inventory.
Carvey and X-CNC machine manufacturers-
Engraving, new model provides X-$100 off-
Free international shipping (
You know, if you\'re used to itS.
Shipping transaction is a considerable expense if you have to do so)
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