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by:QUESTT     2020-05-17

Laser etching or engraving has many applications in our lives, which has a great impact on our lives.Over time, technology is also evolving.One of the wonders of technology is laser etching.It can be used very effectively in many useful ways.To prevent wear and tear, laser etching is a marker that is very commonly used in the fine shaft and during annealing.The metal nameplate is also carved using laser etching technology, which gives a permanent mark on the nameplate and helps to maintain its integrity even in harsh environments.Laser etching technology is also used for precise engraving on small fuel injection devices and their holes.For safe operation, the same technology is used in the marking of the switch and provides guidance to the user.Laser etching is also used to make promotional items such as key chains, pens, coasters, watches, metal wristbands and luggage.Laser etching technology is also known for engraving on medical and dental equipment without surface ablation.With the help of laser etching technology, trademarks, ISI marks and patent information on various items are also carved out.It is also used to mark the mounting alignment of the optical lens assembly.Laser is also used for sterilization of key instruments such as medical surgery.There are many benefits to using laser engraving technology.The engraving completed with laser etching is permanent and remains the same for the life of the item.With the help of laser etching, the mark has no fading range.There is also graphic flexibility that gives you the freedom to carve any type of logo, barcode, 2D dataMatrix bar code, trademark, alpha-Numbers, icons, and symbols of various shapes and sizes.The laser etching process has high repeatability.All marks are based on programming controls and their high-precision positioning, repeating from one part to the other.This process also does not require contact with the laser etched material.This process is effectively applied to substances of various shapes from plane to concave to convex and cylindrical materials.Laser etching produces very high resolution marks.Even in tiny matter less than 0, very deep and complex marks can be produced with extremely high clarity and readability.1 inches.The best thing is that the whole process of laser etching is very eco-friendly and does not cause any pollution to the environment.Harmful gases or chemical residues not formed as a by-productThe product of this process.Overall, the process is very fast and costly.effective.
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