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by:QUESTT     2020-05-15

A technique basically used in the fields of printing, laser welding and thermal weldingThe brand is called laser engraving, a generic term that covers a variety of surface treatment techniques.Since these machines are similar, terms for laser engraving and laser marking can sometimes be used interchanged.Laser engraving is very common and companies or business organizations usually use laser engraving to put permanent labels on it, which is not only informative, but also cost-effective and beautiful.In a variety of industries, laser marking is used to provide life traceability of products, items and components.This can be provided in plain text, 1-, 2 -or 3-QR code and graphics.Laser engraving involves the use of lasers in order to process the material so that the material reflects the text or graphics on it.Beams, metal parts, new metal alloys and specially designed alloys, such as polymers, have been developed in such a way that it is easier to mark or engrave on them.When the laser affects the material, this fact is contained in a variety of concepts.Sometimes, the terms laser marking and laser engraving can be used interchanged, and sometimes they have different meanings.Laser engraving refers to the process of evaporation of material objects by laser providing labels.This label is visible through shadows and reflections, which occur due to brown spots in public light caused by erosion on the surface of the material.Laser etching is another process in which a laser beam is used to permanently cut an image or pattern into a hard material, such as wood, glass, or metal.The depth, size and position of the pattern are programmed into a computer to control the laser in a large project.Depending on the material used and the level of heat required, the intensity of the laser is the basis.In the manufacturing environment, this type of laser etching is usually done in two types of laser, hand-Hold and machine-Use the operation.A production technician uses a handMaintain units in order to correct minor errors or problems related to product quality at the end of the workflow.Craftsmen or sculptors also use laser etching as a tool and they need to make products with very precise work.To mass-Production of specific patterns, machines-Program the operating unit by etching it into the final material.Some common uses of laser etching are engraving of metal, circuit boards, or engraving of hard plastic.In terms of wood, lasers are rarely used because they tend to leave burn marks on the surface of the wood.
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