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Laser Cutting Systems

by:QUESTT     2020-05-30
The laser cutting system has a great demand for normal and high quality laser cutting of various substances?From cloth to metal.According to the needs of laser cutting, there are different types of laser cutting system.High-speed cylindrical laser cutting system, CO2 laser cutting system, ion laser, diode laser, fiber laser, etc.Ion lasers stimulate radiation emission between two-stage ionization gases, providing medium to high continuous-Wave output of about 1 mw to 10 w.On the other hand, carbon dioxide lasers utilize energy-State transitions exist between the vibration of the CO2 molecule and the state of rotation to transmit radiation at a wavelength of 10 m.Carbon dioxide lasers are capable of maintaining continuous and high levels of power and are commonly used for cutting, welding, etching and marking applications.Diode lasers are adjustable and allow adjustment so that they can emit any of several different wavelengths.Another type of laser is a fiber laser that uses a fiber with low-level rare elementsThe Earth\'s halogen is used as a laser medium for amplifying light.Each of the above laser types has its own laserManufacturing systems can vary depending on usage.The intensity of different types of lasers produced by different laser systems makes them versatile enough to be used to cut sensitive and subtle substances such as thin cotton, it can also be used for cutting, marking, marking and surface treatment of various hard materials and metals.A lot of these lasers.The cutting system is a kind of equipment with high precision.These are connected to computers that control the exact number and intensity of laser beams.These are ideal for fine or precision cutting, depending on the exact requirements.Therefore, the choice of a particular laser system depends entirely on the type of material the laser cuts and the purpose of the cutting.
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