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how does laser marking machine work? - manufacturing

by:QUESTT     2020-05-06

Simply put, laser marking is a way to permanently mark something on wood, fiberglass, leather, cloth, glass, plastic, etc.Use a specific machine.In the 20 th century, instruments of vibration or rotation were engraved on the above items.But with the development of technology, laser has becomeElectric for engraving or marking.The tool used does not use any type of ink and does not touch non-Metal, but complete the work perfectly with a specific machine.Although many claim these are laser carvings, there is still a big difference between the two.Laser engraving is engraved onto the object, while laser engraving is only a discolored part without cutting the surface.These marks are used for making graphics, logos, characters, barcodes, various numbers, identifying batches, and more.Since ink or solvents are not used, they are safe in the natural environment.Since these marks manufactured by laser machines are permanent, they are primarily used to mark barcodes and other subtle forms of tracking.Nowadays, these machines are also widely used to authenticate diamonds.The disadvantage of the device is that the nearby objects have a slight effect due to the highEnergy used.However, this effect is sometimes very slight and not obvious.Before investing in laser marking machines, one should understand how it works.There are a variety of laser marking machines on the market, each with different working principles.Fiber laser marking machine.In this machine, direct fiber lasers are used to mark different objects.These machines do not require a PC and can be used as a stand-alone machine.However, they are widely used for marking on metals such as steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper.CO2 laser marking machine.These machines put carbon dioxide into the discharge tube, which is used as the medium for marking.These are used for marking, especially in non-Plastic, fiber optic glasses, leather, cardboard and other metals.These machines have a PC that acts as a controller that controls the entire process of the direction, speed, strength, propagation, etc of the laser.Laser marking machine lamp pump.In this case, there is a solar lamp as an energy source.The method used is rightConnect like any other machine like this.These machines are used for food packaging, cosmetics, signage, advertising, etc.They are also used in acrylic and ceramic products.Diode End-Pump laser marking machine.These also use laser beams with air.cooler system.The laser is sent through the vacuum sealing system.These materials are used in materials such as PVC, nylon, stainless steel, rubber, epoxy resin, etc.It is used in jewelry, mobile phone, engraving, film carving and other fields.Whether you want to open your own store or already have your own store, the laser marking machine is a favorable supplement that can generate considerable profits.
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