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Designer tiles for Indian homes - Times of India

by:QUESTT     2020-06-25
As the price of marble begins to shrink during these periods of collapse, tiles are moving further into urban housing.
In order to meet the needs of the market, they are carrying out more designers.
Sample: functional kitchen with rich chocolate and marble-
Venetian tile
There is a Tuscan tile with a brown polished wood finish for the company.
Or take a shower in black, gray and green tones of the tiles in Salzburg, Seville and Ankara.
Maria José Castillo, a Spanish ceramic designer and tile developer, said: \"I think tiles are the new fashion manifesto for families . \" She lent her art expertise to Indian tiles --
Orient Ceramics Industry Co. , Ltd. has released its Europa series high
Designer tiles ended last week in the capital.
Maria recommends brown, beige and rustic tiles, or cold gray, green and cool blue for Indian families.
Rich and natural colors are suitable for the climate and temperament of India, she said.
\"Marble cannot use multiple colors like tiles.
I have finished my kitchen in Spain with 10x10 white, green and black tiles (
Mainly a variety of Seville and Bohemia).
It looks smart, \"Maria told IANS when visiting the Dali Oriental tile concept showroom in Uttar Pradesh.
Marble said that Maria and Madhur Daga, executive director of Oriental Ceramics, are losing their advantage over the changing needs of the inflation, competitive pricing and real estate industries.
Compared with a range of new fashion tiles on the market, it also has a larger weight and lacks a variety of shades.
Designer tiles are not cheap-
They can spend anywhere between Rs. 150 and Rs.
Tile 500 according to design and finish.
But marble is usually more expensive.
Maria, chief product and solution designer of the Oriental ceramics board, in collaboration with Daga, has developed a range of natural stone, slate and marble finishes and relief tiles for stylish homes
Manufacturers, who \"have the desire, disposable income and sense of adventure to try new tile fittings \".
\"In the past few months, when I was traveling in India, I noticed that the design and taste of the customers had changed,\" she said . \"
The final nature of the product she designed.
Maria said the latest trend in the Indian tile market is swinging between the two extremes.
Gold and silver embossed metal textures and patterned tiles are very hot at high temperatures
High-end luxury homes that love the luxury look.
Natural finished tiles of marble and wood are popular in apartment buildings and utility houses.
Maria created a set of 21 natural tiles from European designrough)and smooth (Lapatto)finish.
In addition, she has designed at least five gold embossed embroidered tiles that can be used as wallpaper or panel highlights on the wall.
The tile is a mixture of ceramic clay and zinc clay ore, and is a kiln-
Roto-launch and print on screen
Color laser engraving machine.
Maria specializes in design and development and believes in mashups.
\"Tiles must be arranged by color combination, and there can also be three colors
\"Size design,\" she said.
The designer started her career in 1990 as an expert in glaze and Color Research and development at Torrecid, in the past nine years, he has served as the chief designer and manager of Blau Estil, a boutique design company in Spain.
She holds a bachelor\'s degree in ceramics from Castellon College, Spain.
Maria presented her tiles at various trade shows such as Cevisama (Spain), Cersaise (Italy)and Coverings (US).
She is currently working on a second Europa series, which will be launched in two months.
\"It includes floral parts and integrated Wood.
But the highlight of the new series will be a series of brightly colored tiles in red, green, orange and purple, \"she said.
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