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bre pettis: 3d printing\'s first celebrity

by:QUESTT     2020-07-18
Petpettis looks like a step backwards.
He has a Elvis-meets-
Buddy Holly\'s chunky corner is thick and thick
Rimmed black glasses and carved saltand-pepper hair.
He also said something yesterday because he was very polite and relaxed and went back to the point of folklore.
So how strange it seems that he lives in the future.
Pettis, 39, runs MakerBot Industries to produce the world\'s most popular consumer 3D printer.
The latest MakerBot machinethe Replicator—
The space occupied is similar to that of a small microwave oven.
It receives 3D images from the computer and then transforms them into real objects by melting the plastic and spraying them out of the nozzle.
The replicator placed a layer of super
Thin plastic on top of another until the object-
Toys Castle, LED flashlight, Windsor chairis done.
Founded in 2009, MakerBot specializes in selling 3D printer kits that amateurs need to assemble themselves.
Core types can still take the kit route, but in order to make consumer 3D printing mainstream, MakerBot now sells pre-
Assembled machine
The Replicator has just come on the market and has two nozzles, so you can print it in different colors of plastic at the same time, the larger surface can be printed, and the overall design is more fashionable.
A few months ago, I stopped at BotCave, the Brooklyn headquarters in MakerBot.
It is an underground nest full of electronic equipment, transport and even vending machines, offering plastic wire shafts instead of candy bars.
Workers like Colin bujere, who used to be an aspiring welder, picked up parts from various boxes and put them on the working surface to revive the replicators.
It takes about six hours to make a machine by hand.
\"I believe I am the fastest,\" he said . \"
Pettis boasted of bringing some manufacturing talent back to Brooklyn.
\"In the past, these streets were lined with manufacturing companies,\" he said . \"
\"Show me another one now, except for us. ” Fair enough.
But Pettis is not entirely an industrial giant \".
\"We like what we are doing and have a good time,\" he said . \".
\"We treat our customers as friends.
They are the coolest people in the world and we support their creativity.
At the same time, BotCave\'s manufacturing workshop seems to be more reminiscent of the university dormitory than the Toyota production line, as it has little control over chaos and super
Business aesthetics of fashion.
During my visit, former school teacher petis poured the head with corn starch and then 3D scanned my head with a laser.
After the scan, he pointed me to the bathroom so I could rinse the corn starch in the sink --
It turned out that the process was confusing my hair at the beginning, and then it became a mess.
Still, I quickly received a printed version of my head, and I started digging into some grassroots aesthetics that helped MakerBot sell more than 10,000 machines.
MakerBot has received more than $10 million in venture capital from a variety of sources, and has so far put the money into good work.
Pettis is almost the only celebrity to print in 3D.
For example, when Colbert appeared on the last June report, he held his own shares. Using a hand-
Petis captured three with a laser scanner.
The size image of Stephen Colbert\'s head is then printed on the spot.
\"We no longer need to rely on Chinese people to make our plastic waste,\" Colbert said . \".
\"Because what is cheaper than Chinese workers? A robot.
Petis also presented Colbert with a chimera that blends Colbert\'s head with the body of an eagle perched on the dome of the Capitol.
In the future, however, MakerBot will face more intense competition.
3D system, one of the commercial 3D printing giants, has just launched the cube, which is a pre-
The assembled consumer 3D printer looks more flash than the replicator and costs about $400 less.
\"I think we are just the beginning of this market,\" Pettis said . \".
\"In the tech world, people know these things and maybe know someone who has a 3D printer.
The next step is to move to the place where you go to your neighbor\'s house to print your new door handle, or something like that.
We will be there in the next year or two.
It would be normal to have a MakerBot in 10 years.
It\'s like a microwave.
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