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the benefits of laser beam welding

by:QUESTT     2020-07-30
In the past 20 years, laser welding has become a major technology in the metal processing industry.
When the technology was first developed, it was mainly used for special applications, however, now it is used to produce welds for common projects such as motor/transformer lamination, sealing and sealing, hybrid circuit package for battery and pacemaker tank.
The principle of laser welding is to align the precise focus of the laser to the specific metal surface to be melted, and then convert a large amount of laser energy into thermal energy.
When the material is heated to a molten state and then cooled, they are fused together to form a firm weld.
Laser welding is the most effective means to apply thermal energy to small areas.
Its accuracy, reliability and repeatability make it an ideal choice for high-volume applications.
Laser welding can be used in various standard processes.
Unlike many technologies that have unique advantages in manufacturing, the versatility of laser welding enables it to operate efficiently and economically in a variety of applications.
The adaptability of the laser makes it hard-to-
Reach point, operate under the control of the computer and the robot, change the output energy in a wide range, and put the minimum heat into the part.
Perhaps the most valuable and unique attribute of laser welding is its ability to focus heat energy and guide it to a very small precise point.
Laser welding can focus energy on spots as small as 0.
2mm, still highquality weld.
Due to its precision and high power density, in addition to no deformation in the resulting weld, there is also a minimum heat-affected zone.
With laser welding, deep and narrow welds can be completed easily and efficiently.
Another benefit is that there is no need to use shielding gas for this process.
This reduces a lot of costs compared to shielding welding procedures.
However, the results of laser welding can be compared with the results of beam welding, because beam welding must always be performed in a vacuum chamber, laser welding provides an economic advantage by reducing the cost without reducing the output quality.
In addition to welding, the laser is also used in metal processing for Weld tracking and inspection, surface heat treatment and metal and non-metallic cutting
Metal material.
Laser welding technology serves many industries such as aerospace, military, medical, petrochemical refining and R & D.
Although the technology is relatively new, laser welding has had a positive impact on the manufacturing industry and will continue to grow in the future.
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