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Radio Jammer

by:QUESTT     2020-04-28
This project is radio interference.
It sends out waves of a certain frequency.
Before you enter: This project is illegal in some places.
It just shows how the items work and what only a few dollars can be built in an electronics store.
It\'s not cell phone interference either.
Interfering with the phone is similar in principle, but with a completely different structure, you need a range of 800 MHz to 900 MHz.
You need an op amp and a few other parts, formula = 1 /(4*R1*C)*(R2/R3)R3/R2 (
Notice it flipped)
Yes frequency range850MHz = month /(4*R1*C)*(1/50MHzS)
You have to know that they are illegal in certain areas and cannot speak out about it, saying that they are illegal.
This project may be illegal in your area, check before you build it.
I am not responsible for any illegal acts.
Why do this: the radio jammers send EM waves at frequency.
Then broadcast the wave throughout the area.
The radio will receive this wave (
When tuned to that frequency)
It will stop another wave of broadcasting from radio stations.
So far in my building I can only use one oscillator to Block 1 station.
Try adding 1.
5 v on 9 v battery.
This makes it impossible for me to listen to another channel on the channel I blocked in explanation.
What you need is: an oscillator, the core of the radio jammers.
The frequency of your choice will be the frequency of your blockage.
The FM radio is MHz.
For example, if you want to block 100.
0, and then use the 100Mh oscillator.
It could be a bit confusing. I have a 97.
7 MHz means 97 m700 00,50 MHz means 50. 0000 MHz.
A 9 volt barraria L. E. D.
A switch circuit board (
Optional but recommended)Soldering (
Use with circuit board)
Price List: oscillator: $2.
509 v battery: found somewhere but I think it could be $1. 00L. E. D. : $0. 10Antenna: $1.
00 wiring: found out in the workshop that I bought a lot for $1.
On/off switch: $1.
Board 50: $0. 50 welding: $1. 00Total: $8.
60 if writing is confusing, take a look at the picture first and put your oscillator on top and you will see 4 leads. )
Will tell you where to look at it on the right, which means it will be right on the right-
Side up, the lead with black spots will be the lower left corner, and the square corner instead of the round corner will also be the lower left corner. 1 lead (bottom left)
, The one with a black spot on it, it also has a square edge, not a round edge, just put it on the board and don\'t need anything attached to it (
It should not be attached to anything anyway).
Lead diagonally opposite it (Top Right)
It is connected to the antenna.
The remaining two leads are voltage sources.
The upper left lead is connected to the ive end of the battery.
The lower right corner of the wire to connect-
My battery is dead.
Look at the picture you made the wiring.
You can stick it on the board (optional)
Turn on the EM wave that the interference will emit X (
X is the frequency of the oscillator)
Tun and on the oscillator. . .
You did not interfere with the radio signal successfully!
This is the version I finished, it looks very beautiful, the plastic is very hard, it can be done easier and safer with a laser cutter :).
I was cut off when I cut holes for the on/off switch.
In addition, it would be much easier to cut thick parts from the frame of the mobile phone with a laser cutting machine.
I burned myself with a soldering iron:(
Unfortunately the laser cutter won\'t stop it, however. . .
I also tried to open an oscillator with pliers, but unfortunately I broke everything inside and the metal was sharp and maybe I could open it more easily with a laser cutter.
Anyway, thank you for reading my instructions and don\'t shout it\'s illegal.
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