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key factors affecting the choice of marking technology

by:QUESTT     2020-05-18

Direct part marking (DPM) is the process of permanently marking the part with product information including serial number, part number, batch number, date code and barcode, instead of printing the code on the paper panel pasted to the surface.It acts as a permanent identifier of the product, allowing the manufacturer to track the product throughout its life cycle.The basic requirements for marking parts directly are durability and easy legi.Even if exposed to adverse environmental conditions, the Mark should be able to sustain the full life cycle of the product throughout the supply chain.Each product has its own set of requirements when marking parts directly, therefore, when selecting a marking machine, it is necessary to consider these different factors-material type-the nature of the material. the marking has a great impact on the selection of marking technology.Some marking techniques apply only to certain types of materials, and their use on other materials can lead to accidents.Like chemical etching, chemical etching can only be carried out on conductive materials.Inkjet marking may also be inconsistent with certain types of plastic.•Part function-The function of the part to be marked is also important in determining the etching machine to be used.If permanent marking is required, laser, chemical and point marking can be performed.Engraving marks can be generated only by dot peen and laser etching equipment.Due to the fineness of the material, sometimes like the laser marking system and the inkjet marking system, no contact marking system can only be used.•Part geometry-If the area to be marked is recessed, or to be marked on a different plane, then only those allowed three-The size of the mark moves.Surface finish-The condition of the surface of the material also affects the marking process.Even with the marking, it may be difficult for the scanner to pick out any details from the marking that caused the error.Therefore, this laser can be used as needed to polish or smooth the surface.Mark size/part size-The part size affects the selection of marking techniques because each technique can change the area of the marking.Each industrial marking machine model has its own marking size limit that needs to be considered.•Mark content-Not all marking techniques are suitable for all types of marking.Dot peen and inkjet are not suitable for making complex and detailed marks, such as logos, because their marking quality is very low.•Integration-Sometimes, the degree of integration of the direct part marking machine with the current settings is critical.Laser marking is the most versatile and can handle bar codes, custom text strings, and remote programming.In the case of spatial correlation, a small marker model needs to be used.Ink-jet and laser marking systems are the only option if marking is to be performed dynamically, because chemical etching and dot peen marking systems are offline processes.•Mark quality-Laser and chemical etching is capable of etching clear marks at high resolution to provide clearer clarity.Dot peen and inkjet marking systems generally offer low marking quality.Environmental Profile-The type of consumables used to mark the process also affects the selection of marking techniques to be used.Both inkjet and chemical etching use chemicals, while laser marking does not have consumables in most cases.
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