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CNC Machining - Laser Cutting

by:QUESTT     2020-06-19
Laser is an efficient tool for cutting metal, which is widely used in metal manufacturing and manufacturing.However, they are most effective when combined with CNC machining.Laser cutting through high focusA laser on a metal surface, usually focused through an optical system.The material is then removed by burning, vaporizing, or blowing away as a gas jet, leaving precise cutting edges and high quality surface finish.Industrial lasers are used for cutting pipes and tubes as well as flat materials.How the laser works by stimulating the laser material with the discharge contained in the closed container to produce the laser beam.This produces a beam of light, which is then reflected inside the machine by using a local mirror until it obtains enough energy to escape as a beam of monochrome coherent light.The beam is then directed through the optical fiber and/or the mirror and is focused on the metal to be cut.The cutting section of the beam is very thin, generally less than 0.32mm in diameter.The advantages of using CNC machining laser the advantages of using laser cutting metal instead of mechanical cutting process include :-It\'s easier to keep this work-In place-Various forces are applied by mechanical cutting, which means that the workpiece must be firmly clamped to maintain stability.-Pollution reduction-As there are no debris, coolant or external blades that can wear and leave deposits, this is a cleaner process.-Better accuracyThe physical blade is worn out, which may affect their cutting line.This way the laser will not be affected and the cutting point will not change.-Reduce the chance of warpingSince the blade does not pass through the resistance of the material and the eager point is very local, the deformation caused by the mechanical force is avoided.-Complex cuts can also be achieved.The ability of mechanical blades to change direction is limited.-The laser is more accurate and uses less energy than the plasma cutting machine.When combined with the control provided by CNC machining, the laser can cut complex shapes and designs quickly and accurately.This makes them ideal for many metal manufacturing tasks such as the cutting profile of the machine and the internal structure.Type of laser There are three main types of metal laserCutting: co2 laser-Suitable for cutting, drilling, engraving, etc.Nd (Nd) laser and Nd-yaluminium-garnet (Nd-YAG) lasers.These are all the same in style and only differ in the work they are used.Nd lasers are ideal for boredom and require high energy but low repetition.The Nd-When very high power is required, nd: o laser is more suitable for application when drilling and engraving is required.All types of laser are used for welding.Co2 lasers are used in many industrial cutting processes and the materials used for cutting include carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.The heat generated by the laser itself is high and needs to be cooled.Depending on the size and configuration of the system, the residual heat generated during operation can be transferred either through the coolant or directly into the air.Water is usually used as a coolant and is usually cycled through a cooler or heat transfer device.There are two other types of lasers, although they are not common in metal manufacturing.Laser Micro-jetThis is a laser guided by water.jet.Pulse the laser beam to a low levelThe pressure water jet used to guide the laser beam, like the fiber.The beam is guided by the internal reflection of the water jet.The advantage of this system is that water also cools and removes the material being cut.Other advantages of this wet system are fast cutting speed and all-round cutting.Fiber Lasers -This is a solid-state laser that uses a solid gain medium instead of a gas or liquid.The system is set up to amplify the seed laser beam inside the fiberglass.
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