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Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

by:QUESTT     2020-05-14

Laser cutting includes cutting materials such as wood, plastic, metal, rubber using laser beams.This technology has become an important part of the manufacturing process.This method has its own advantages and disadvantages.Material cutting is one of the main steps involved in the manufacturing process.This step must be performed accurately and effectively in order to perform the subsequent steps of the manufacturing process correctly.The current manufacturing unit uses lasers to complete this task.Laser cutting machine integration with computer-Control the programming system, which determines the position and the way in which the cutting must be carried out on the material.Although the laser has a great use, there are also some limitations.~ Take the work-Compared with mechanical cutting, in the case of laser cutting, the workpiece in the correct position is easier.The cut obtained with laser is very precise and does not take much time.On the contrary, the whole process of cutting materials is very easy and takes less time than traditional cutting machines.~ Since the cutting is done with the help of a laser beam, there is no direct contact with the workThe workpiece with any cutting tool eliminates the risk of material contamination.In traditional processes, the heat generated during cutting usually deform the material.In laser cutting, because the area of heat is very small, the chance of material warping is reduced.Compared with the plasma cutting technology, the laser cutting machine cuts the metal plate with less energy.~ Laser cutting technology can be used to cut a variety of materials such as ceramics, wood, rubber, plastics and certain metals.~ Laser cutting is extremely versatile and can be used to cut or carve simple to complex designs on the workpiece.~ Space-constrained manufacturing units have benefited a lot by installing laser cutting machines, as one or two laser cutting machines are able to complete the work of several other machines used for cutting.Laser cutting is controlled by computer programs, thus saving a lot of manpower.~ Since the laser cutting machine does not require manual participation in addition to maintenance and commissioning, the incidence of accidents and injuries is also reduced.The efficiency of the machine is very high and getting a copy of the required design is an exact copy of each other.~ Generally speaking, laser cutting involves high power compared to other technologies used for cutting.The consumption of power and efficiency depends on the type of laser used for cutting and the type that must be cut.~ Cutting plastic with the help of these machines can cost a lot of money, because plastic emits smoke when it is heated.So the whole setup must be done in the wellA ventilated room may be expensive.In addition, the smoke released during this process may be toxic and may prove fatal.~ When using laser cutting, the productivity is inconsistent.This depends to a large extent on the thickness of the workThe type of material, the type of laser used.~ Carelessness in adjusting the laser distance and temperature can lead to combustion of some materials.If the strength of the laser beam does not meet the requirements, certain metals change color.~ Only in the case of test operation and maintenance, human participation is required.In these tasks, a staff member may suffer from severe burns if he is in error exposed to a laser beam.The traditional cutting method is also very good and cheap, but despite the shortcomings related to the laser cutting process, the use of this technology has been greatly popularized.This is because the Finish obtained after laser cutting the material is far superior to the finish obtained by other methods.
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