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yet another diy diode laser engraver

by:QUESTT     2020-04-24
I always like CNC machines!
They are the future since they were invented!
I still believe that CADing and CNCing are miracles.
When the first printer arrived at my house (I was about 10)
I\'m really fascinated by the fact that I can print hundreds of times by writing a paper.
It was not until recently that I was satisfied with the parts and knowledge needed to make CNC.
I really need a drawing machine for my job.
As you know, a commercial laser sculptor is really expensive. A good sculptor can\'t reach it at all. . .
Long story short, I decided to build my own. . .
Interestingly, I didn\'t know the instructions when I started designing, so in many cases I re-invented the wheel. . .
So we started: my mobile gantry Arduino-
Reduce laser engraving. . .
* Note ** you can also use this machine to create the pcb.
Here is my note about itHere, there is a note for a better machine using the same parts: re-adjust my laser CNC to multi-function
CNCI Hill has no experience in this machine.
I just like them very much.
The only CNCish machine I built at the time was one (Arduino-based)
Winding machine with automatic
Wire winding and (of course)
Winding the counter.
No shaft, no stepping motor or servo system, no gantry accuracy problem, no G-
Code, nothing!
It was a clean start!
The first design must be changed in this process (
This is very bad sometimes)
But at least the first time I started working.
For example, the \"Gantry\" has changed about 3 times since then (
Next picture). . .
As you can see in the photo, this is a real budget (to cheapish)project.
Shaft drive buy in 1. For example, 50 euros.
But let\'s say more precisely: the axis drive (
White tube
\"Alpha π λ α\" in Greek\"
There is no English translation, but I bought it in a shop selling paint)1.
It takes 2 metres per meter for 50 euros, so it takes 3 euros for the copper pipe used for plumber work (
Diameter 12mm)2.
Only 1 m euro per meter 90 euro, I really have enough money to build at least another one! MDF wood Base-
About 10 euros for all screws and other things needed (
And display it in the picture)
It is something that an ordinary amateur has.
In any other case, they can be easily found in the paint shop and plumber shop (
This metal band \"π\" in Greek\"for example -
I know nothing about its English name. ).
So the sum of the frames is 15. 90€.
It may be cheaper if I replace the wood with foil or something, but functionality is an expectation. . .
When I say cheap, I mean really cheap! ! !
If you can find the motors that are cheaper than those, please let me know to make another CNC!
What I\'m saying is, besides my beloved 28BYJ-48.
Here you can see that it failed in most torque tests: I bought 3 at a fairly high price of 4. 5€ each.
This is because I don\'t want to wait for an email. bay shipment (4-6 for Greece).
Step drives are really expensive.
I used Sparkfun Easy Driver for the same shipping reason and bought 2.
So now I need a way to make the motor actually move the shaft. And guess what!
I don\'t know anything about timing belts, lead screws and spindles, and any other possible movement transfers, except gears and gears!
Just because you watched the movie, maybe there are still some fl stone episodes!
So this is our choice.
Bought a shelf and 3 gears.
So the price of this step: Stepping Motor 4.
3 so 13 was bought for 5 euros per person.
About 10 euros per car, so 20 euros (
You can use the technology recorded in my other Instructure to reduce the cost of the driver by about € 15)
Rack rack: 1 metre rack 16 euro, about 2 euro per gear, purchased 1 metre rack and 3 gears: 22 euro 55 euro. 50€. Outch!
Very painful!
I think that\'s why commercial advertising is so expensive.
There must be some serious hardware inside. . . (New Sum 40.
Use the Attiny85 Step/Dir driver mentioned above for € 50. . . )
Inevitably, I have to drive my new with something-born machine.
So I heard about mach3.
They said it was a CNC driver.
They said very well. . .
So I installed Windows on my drive.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit system.
Easy installation of Mach3 demo.
So try to configure the motor to run the actual rice grains etc.
The problem started. . .
The car refused to move. Even jog.
Even sound.
So I\'m desperate.
I had an arduino in my hand and wrote some code to move these motors.
The motor obeys the arduino but does not obey my LPT port (
Maybe there are some Badge Issues in Pokemon). . .
I was really desperate after the BIOS setup and something like that.
It was found that there was a problem with 64-bit Mach3 and Windows 7.
Mach3 can\'t find the driver for the parallel port, so it\'s just doing \"da cha-
Whenever I press any \"move\", cha is like a maiden girl --kind of button. . .
This photo shows the settings when I try desperately to measure a mA with DMM from my LPT port. . .
It\'s time for me to take Linux CNC seriously.
Linux is nothing new to me.
I study Informatics and Computer Science, so my main installation on this computer is Ubuntu 12.
04 from the beginning (
I believe it started at 4/12. .
I suggest you try Linux (
Linux CNC or not).
More stable and reliable system for girls West-indows. . .
The Linux CNC guide is simple.
I ran away in about half an hour.
You can find it here: it is absolutely free to download the full version. (
No cracks, keygens and other evil things needed! )
In particular, the laser CNCs must be driven using the modification Settings folder of the machine.
This is to control the duty cycle of the laser, the image grating and other good things.
You can learn more here. clicky)and here(clicky clicky)
: Let\'s not forget the price: a copy of Linux CNC 2. 5. 4 (
At the latest when writing)0€Sum 0 €.
Mach3 costs $175 if you want to run 50 doccode lines.
Every carving item I try has more. . .
There is a word that is simple, user-Friendly, small-
Engraving software (
Although it is not intended for this purpose): INKSCAPE! ! ! Yes Inkscape.
You can find it here, it\'s free, opensource (
You may not care about this).
This is a program that allows you to draw freely using a \"pencil\" and give you some straight lines, curves, polygons, circles that allow you to make the perfect measurement shape with a ruler that can flip things, group things into one entity, Aaaaaand. . . . . .
It\'s scalable! So what? eh?
Scalable means you can write plug-ins for it. . .
Some good guys have written some plugins to export whatever is drawn in it to g-Code (g-
CNC controllers use code to move machines and get them to work).
I have found two such plugins so far.
The first one is Gcodetools.
You can find it here and install it (clicky).
The second one is found here!
Yes, it\'s on the structure Tables page!
The first article I read about this topic!
So why does it work?
Inkscape may look like Windows Paint, but it\'s not actually.
Actually much better than paint (
Because everything is better than paint).
That\'s because every line you draw (
Whether it\'s straight or not
Translate into a vector.
If you want to know why linear algebra is taught even in bartender class, you can look at it yourself.
So useful!
If you save the Inkscape image, you can see that it is *. svg file.
Extended svg represents scalable vector graphics, which you can read here.
You can even open a *.
Svg file with \"notepad\", basically text!
So a plug-in like gcodetols will translate the text into instructions that draw the description vector.
Let\'s make and keep these things for those (legally)
Our CAD/CAM software budget is amazing € 0! ! !
Some drawings are shown in the picture (
A duck, a heart and a grid are carved into the machine bed for more precise placement)
Can be opened through Linux CNC program.
Note that even ducks have 250 lines of gCode.
Rethink the Mach3 50 line demo. . .
What should I say about this? . .
Handheld laser and CD/DVD/Blu-
The light driver uses something called a laser diode.
They are widely sold in e-commerce. bay and many e-shops.
I bought a NICHIA 4542-38 diode.
This emitts 200mW 40nm wavelength (
Purple, near UV, color light).
It\'s true that 200 megawatts.
Keep in mind that small handheld lasers are widely sold (
The ones you make your cat crazy)
Rated power is 1 mW.
Also bought an Aixiz module.
Many things about how to make the laser diode work as expected (
I found it could also be used as a fishing bait! )
It can be found in this structure and some related structure.
Required housing, heat dissipation, focusing, diode diameter, drive (
This is the most important thing if you want a laser instead of fishing).
If you would like to know more about the laser, please visit the laser pointer Forum.
Everything you might want to know.
The most useful thing to know is \"protect your eyes, otherwise you will be blind forever, and you will go to hell and wear goggles,\" Don\'t look at the laser with the rest of your eyes everywhere \".
So I bought goggles so I wouldn\'t be blind.
I\'m not blind yet! ! !
In the video, you can see the difference between naked eyes and open eyes.
Price: laser diode 10 euro Aixiz module with problem lens 3. 80€ So 13.
80 euros for gantry. . .
Yes, but here a 30 euro diode will be more than twice as good, so maybe one day. . . So that is it.
I added a fan because the wood and plastic that burned this way smelled like old urine.
It\'s also toxic, so I need to do a ventilation system (Boring part).
I changed the rack and the pinion (
Spindle screw El spindle o)-
The screw on the x axis makes the gantry stop dancing can-
When working for me. .
In the photo, it was built.
In the video you can see that it works in random line tests.
The quality is poor because I have to use my phone.
The phone was invented to make a phone call. later)texting people!
Not a selfie.
In the second picture, you can see the screw coupler (
Yes, those also cost some money)
, In the third case, it is very close to the gantry, where the laser is waiting for the transistor to fill it with current so that it can burn some wood and make my home smell like an Indian toilet. .
Thank you for reading my first note.
Hope you like it!
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