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working gun made with 3d printer

by:QUESTT     2020-06-02
The world\'s first gun manufactured by 3D printer technology has been successfully launched in the United States.
The controversial organization that created guns, Defense Distributed, plans to provide blueprints online.
The group spent a year trying to build the gun, which was successfully tested Saturday at a shooting range in southern Austin, Texas. Anti-
Gun activists criticized the project.
European law enforcement agencies say they are monitoring developments.
Victoria Burns of the Europol cyber crime center says criminals are more likely to get guns through traditional channels.
However, she added: \"But over time, these risks may arise as the technology becomes more user-friendly and cost-effective.
\"The distributed defense is led by Cody Wilson, 25. year-
An old law student at the University of Texas.
Mr. Wilson said: \"I don\'t think a lot of people think it will happen.
3D printing is known as the future of manufacturing.
This technology is achieved through layers of material.
Typical plastic
Build complex entity objects.
The idea is that as the printer becomes cheaper, consumers will be able to download design and print items at home instead of buying items from the store.
But, like all new technologies, there are risks and benefits.
The gun was made with a 3D printer for $8,000 (£5,140)
On eBay, an online auction site.
It is assembled from separate printed parts made of ABS plastic
Only metal pins.
Mr. Wilson described himself as a password.
The anarchy says his plan to provide design is \"about freedom.
He told the BBC: \"There is a demand for guns --there just is.
Countries all over the world say you can\'t have guns.
It\'s not true anymore.
\"I see a world where technology says you can have almost anything you want.
It no longer depends on political participants.
Asked if he had a sense of responsibility about who the gun might fall into, he told the BBC: \"I realized that this tool could be used to hurt others --
This is the tool-it\'s a gun.
\"But I don\'t think that\'s why it\'s not --
Or the reason for not putting it outside.
\"In order to manufacture firearms, Mr. Wilson obtained a manufacturing and sales license from the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).
Donna Cyrus from ATF told BBC News that 3D
Printing guns, as long as they are not weapons of the National Firearms Act (
Automatic Gun for example)
It\'s legal in America. She said: \"[In the US]
A man can make his own guns.
However, they need a permit if they are engaged in the manufacturing business of selling guns.
\"In the ongoing gun debate in the United States, after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, s. Congressman Steve Israel recently called for a ban on 3D guns under the Undetectable Firearms Act.
Groups hoping to tighten U. S. gun laws have also expressed concern.
Leah Gunn Barrett, from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, said: \"These guns may fall into the hands of people who shouldn\'t have guns --
Criminals, people with serious mental illness, people with domestic violence, and even children.
\"Some criminal organizations have used 3D printing technology to make card readers --\"skimmers\" -
Inserted into the bank machine.
Many law enforcement agencies around the world now have personnel dedicated to monitoring emerging technologies such as cybercrime and 3D printers.
MS burns from Europol said: \"All we know is that technological progress is much faster than we expected.
So by taking a step ahead in technology development, we hope and believe that we can also take a step ahead of criminals.
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