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\'wiki weapon project\' aims to create a gun anyone can 3d-print at home

by:QUESTT     2020-08-02
Cody Wilson has a simple dream: design the world\'s first gun that can be downloaded from the Internet and built from scratch using only 3D printers-
Then share it with the world.
Earlier this month, Wilson and a small group of friends who claimed to be \"distributed defense\" launched an initiative called the WikiWeapons Project.
\"They are looking to raise $20,000 to design and release blueprints for anyone who can use open plastic guns
The source 3D printer, known as RepRap, is available for less than $1,000.
If everything goes as planned, thousands of owners of those cheap 3D printers squeeze thin lines of melted plastic into layers that add up to be preciseshaped three-
The size object will be able to turn the CAD design of the project into an operating gun capable of firing the standard.
22 caliber bullets, all in the private space of their own garage.
Wilson, 24, said: \"We want to show this principle: the pistol is printableyear-old second-
University of Texas law student.
\"You don\'t need 200 rounds through it. . .
It only needs fire once.
But even if the design is a bit unworkable, it doesn\'t matter as long as it has a fatal guarantee.
\"Wilson and several of his collaborators in the Department of Defense plan to purchase or rent a $10,000 Stratasys 3D printer with the funds they raise and hold a 3D-
Printable Gun design competition for winning works with a bonus of $1,000 or $2,000-
Wilson said they have received gun design ideas from fans in Arkansas and North Carolina.
Once the group has successfully built a reliable 3D-
Using the Stratasys printer to print the gun, it plans to adjust the design to a cheaper, more widely distributed RepRap model.
As of Tuesday, the project raised $2,000 of the $20,000 target through a page on the fundraising site Indiegogo, and on Tuesday night, when the company suddenly deleted their page, and frozen their donations, calling them \"unusual account activity \".
\"The project is still receiving donations through Paypal and cryptocurrency Bitcoin through its own website.
Wilson said that until Indiegogo was rejected, the wikiweapon project was only a few hundred dollars short of the cost of renting a 3D printer for three months, and he plans to appeal the decision.
This is the fundraising video that the organization has released to Indiegogo: as their project sounds controversial ---
Especially after recent gun violence in Aurora, Colorado and Milwaukee and Wisconsin-
Wilson insisted that the wikiweapon project was legal; Users can 3D-
Wilson says print any gun they can legally own as long as they don\'t make it for sale.
But he does not deny that the project aims to subvert gun control regulations in the United States and around the world.
\"Citizens should be the owners of weapons, which is one of the ideas of the American Revolution,\" Wilson said . \".
\"Every citizen has the right to carry weapons.
This is a way to really reduce the barriers to acquiring weapons.
This is what it stands.
\"Does it really need to give everyone a chance to be a lethal weapon to reduce this barrier?
\"If there\'s anything good about a gun, it\'s deadly.
\"If it can\'t threaten to kill someone, it\'s not a gun,\" Wilson replied . \".
\"You can print a deadly device.
It\'s scary, but that\'s what we\'re going to show.
Defense Distributed\'s remarks include the \"manifesto\" section on its website, citing famous quotes from Thomas Jefferson and George Washington about the right to carry weapons, and John Milton\'s 1644 speech on the right to use the printing press without permission.
\"In a world where 3D printing has become more universal and economic, defense systems and opposition to tyranny may just have to click,\" Wiktionary weapons at now-
Indiegogo page that does not already exist.
Let\'s push the world to this future together.
\"While Wiki weapons could be the first gun to be made entirely with a 3D printer, Wilson and his gun --
The partner of love will not be the first person to try 3D
Printing gun assembly.
On last September, a user uploaded AR-
Thingiverse on the 3D printing software platform of the monthly semi-automatic rifle.
The lower receiver is particularly controversial because the receiver is legally considered the subject of the gun and its sales and distribution are regulated. With a 3D-
Printing receivers, gun lovers can purchase and assemble other components without restriction from gun control laws.
Just a month ago, a 3D.
Michael Guslick tested the printed lower receiver, who was in AR-
15 hobbyist web forum, who was able to assemble the working model of the rifle with the receiver printed on the Stratasys model printer and fire 200 rounds of bullets, with no signs of wear on the print piece.
While there is a disturbing technology that makes it easy for anyone to download lethal weapons as easily as a pirate episode of Game of Thrones, regulating 3D printing to prevent gun printing from being counter-productive and ineffective, michael Winberg believes that
Focus on public knowledge of legal issues related to 3D printing.
\"When you have universal technology, it will be used for things you don\'t want people to use it for,\" he said . \".
\"It doesn\'t mean it\'s wrong or illegal.
I\'m not going to make weapons with my 3D printer, but I\'m not going to do jihad on those who will.
Even before the consumer 3D,
Printing has become fashionable, gun lovers are already making their own metal gun parts with computer-controlled milling machines and posting their designs to websites such as CNCguns. com.
\"If you want to make an effective gun, it may be better to make it in metal than in plastic,\" said Winberg . \".
But Wilson of Defense Distributed believes that 3D printers like RepRap may become a cheaper and more common source of homemade guns than computers --
Control the factory.
RepRaps even have the unique quality of being able to produce most of the components of another RepRap, effectively reproducing.
\"The idea is that the printer will spread pollen and be everywhere,\" he said . \".
Imagine the scene of the rebellion.
People can copy the printer outside of the site in their community.
Anywhere with a computer and internet connection, there is hope to have a gun. . .
This must change the way the state treats its citizens.
\"So what about the possibility that in the imagined future, gun transmission is beyond all control, leading to more innocent deaths?
Or people like heavy criminals and mentally ill people who can\'t use guns will be particularly eager to use the technology?
\"I don\'t see evidence that getting a gun increases the violent crime rate,\" Wilson replied . \".
\"If someone wants to get the gun, they will get it.
\"This opens a lot of doors,\" he admitted . \"
\"Any progress in technology raises these questions.
It\'s just a good thing, it\'s not clear yet.
But freedom and responsibility are terrible.
\"For more information, please read: Vice President war: how 3-
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