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Subsurface Laser Engraving, the Ultimate Glass Decoration Technique

by:QUESTT     2020-05-25
From the point of view of principle and history, everyone sees these glass products with a 3D image inside.Whether it\'s a car, a sailing boat or a company logo, people are always surprised by the look inside the model.In fact, the image created in this way looks like a sculpture inside a glass block.This may be the reason why this glass decoration technology is so popular.This is the first technology that makes it possible to create a \"sculpture\" with the help of a computer (CAD.3D models from inside the computer can be converted in real things outside the computer for the first time!Underground laser engraving or 3D crystal laser engraving is a style of glass decoration, making glass marks (small dots) inside glass objects without disturbing the surface of glass objects ).In fact, it is not difficult to understand how these underground laser engraving machines work.When he or she was young, everyone lit a shoelace or a piece of paper with the help of a magnifying glass.The sun is focused or bundled by a magnifying glass.At the focal point, the binding energy of the sunlight beam is so high that the material and the oxygen in the air react, so the material begins to burn.In this case, the material must be able to burn in the air, such as paper, wood, Hay, shoe ropes, etc.It is also possible to focus the laser beam with a lens, not the sunlight.If the wavelength of the laser is-After selection, the binding energy in the lens focus can interact with the glass.For glass, the wavelength is 1064nm or Harry nm.In the absence of any interaction, light and laser also pass through the glass normally.The energy of light is high enough, and the wavelength of the laser is appropriate, then something happens to the glass.While glass is usually transparent, a specific laser at the focal point makes it opaque locallytransparent.This area in the glass is then treated as a small white dot.By moving focus and laser to different locations and creating points in those locations, a 3D model can be built.In fact, the underground laser machine can slice the model.First, the machine makes points on a plane at the bottom of the glass cube.Then it moves up a bit and makes the point on the next plane and by doing so it creates a 3D model.So the interesting thing about this technique is that the laser can only form points at the focus, while the rest of the glass object it passes through remains the same.The technology was first invented in Russia.Laser project during the Cold War.At first, these points were relatively large and the model consisted of only 50 to 200 points.But since they were presented at the gift show for the first time, everyone was very surprised.In 1997, after the fraunhove Institute of German Aachen, an international laser development giant, invented a new type of laser, the technology became very popular.This new laser creates very small points, and the writing speed is unmatched by Russian technology.This leads to the model, such as 50,000 points, which takes only 20 seconds to carve in a glass block.The gift World has a new tool to make exquisite glass products.3D crystal or glass?The term 3D crystal laser engraving is widely used, not underground laser engraving.While underground laser engraving accurately describes what\'s going on, it sounds more interesting to call it 3D crystal laser engraving.The word \"crystal\" is more valuable to people than glass, which may be the reason for this somewhat confusing name.While underground laser engraving is possible in crystals and many other transparent materials, the material commonly used in this technology is optical glass.Optical glass is a glass made in a very precise way.Any artifact in the glass will affect the optical quality.For the 3D laser engraving process, it is very important that the quality of the optical glass used throughout the block is uniform to avoid errors.So the next time you see \"3D crystal\" somewhere, you\'ll know that it\'s actually not a crystal, it\'s a (optical) glass.Best App-The application known is to make corporate gifts.Glass blocks with company logo and text interior design or any other form are long-A lasting gift will definitely find a place on the receiver\'s desk.The technology has developed and objects are no longer limited to a few centimeters.Large chunks of 15 cm by 15 cm can be fully filled with design and text.Therefore, it is also ideal for glass trophies, usually larger than smaller blocks that are everywhere in the store.The general gift market is the second market for these products.Images of landmark buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal are popular souvenirs and create a lifetime memorial for this special festival.Personalized gifts are another growing market for 3D crystal gifts.With new camera technology, and only through software, 3D images of the face/head are made in the blink of an eye.With some extra text, it becomes a beautiful anniversary gift, a birthday present, or a beautiful home decoration.The laser engraving technology of 3D crystal is developing continuously, and the speed is also improving continuously.increasing.This opens the way for other larger applications.In the office, the glass partition of the interior laser engraving design found its own way.Glass furniture like a desktop can be decorated with this technology.Signs for commercial purposes are becoming more and more popular.Especially the combination of these signs and LEDThe light technology is very powerful because the engraving light is on and the rest of the glass is not on.From scratch, underground laser carving has become a powerful glass decoration technology for 15 years and has found its own position in the market, new technical improvements and new developments in CAD will ensure that we are in the near future
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