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\'Most expensive\' mansion price cut to $149 million

by:QUESTT     2020-06-24
In Beverly Hills\'s price chart of closed property prices, \"$0. 195 billion for listed homes has fallen nationwide to $0. 149 billion since last year.
Real estate entrepreneur Jeff Greene, who owns properties in Florida, New York and California, brought his palace, Amore, to market in November.
A few months later, he also offered a lease for $475,000 a month.
Green bought the property for $35 million in 2007 and spent eight years expanding the Mediterranean --style mansion.
The main residence has more than 35,000 square feet of living space and a total area of about 53,000 square feet, including the entertainment complex supplemented by Green and the independent guest house.
Recently, about $1 million has been put into a grand entrance with a new gate, revolving door and guard station, and a lounge area that connects tennis courts and other recreational facilities.
Other features include floatingstyle glass-
Floor walkway set up on the pool leading to the entertainment center for up to 250 dinner guests 15,000-square-
There are 50 complicated feet-
Seating theater, bowling alley and disco with rotating floor, DJ booth and laser-light system.
There are 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms in total.
The property label of Beverly Hills vineyard produces 400 to 500 boxes of wine per year.
There is a wine cellar that can store 3,000 bottles, and the other can store about 10,000 bottles. A 128-
The pool and the fountain, the waterfall, the pool, the spa, and the BBQ area are ground, while the two
An acre of organic farm is being added.
Joyce Rey and Stacey goteira of the corderwell banker are listed agents.
Change his tune in Toluca rakumisia David.
Former Artistic Gymnastics lead singer Stuart listed his Lake Toluca residence for $4. 25 million. The Spanish-
Built in 1929, Style house is home to Park france, the original architect of Lake Toluca, who designed for movie stars such as Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Norma tarmarch
Details of the period include original staining
Glass windows, wood and wood floors-
The fireplace in the living room is burning.
The residence consists of living, family and restaurant, breakfast room, library, sound-proof media room, steam room, four bedrooms and four bathrooms, covering an area of 5,426 square feet. The quarter-of-an-
The acre courtyard features a heated pool, an organic herbal garden, a heated dining terrace and a covered sports deck.
Including boat berthing and private access to the lake. Singer-songwriter-guitarist-
The 62-year-old producer, Stewart, also worked with Bono, Gwen Stefani, Tom Petti, Katie Perry, Steve Knicks, Joss Stone and Mick Jagger
His latest album, lucky numbers, was released in 2013.
The property last changed hands for $3 a decade ago. 815 million.
Hilton, a subsidiary of Christie\'s international property, and Jonathan Nash and Stephen Resnick of Hailan are listed agents.
A home court with former NBA player Kirilenko-
The newly elected President of the Russian Basketball League bought
Compound in Bell\'s styleAir for $5. 55 million.
Walls and gates designed for Interior
Outdoor recreational amenities include sliding glass walls, multiple entertainment decks, a swimming pool, and a spa.
Open living area in 4,350 square feet of space with high ceilings and a center
Island kitchen, office and master suite with large bathtub. A lower-
There is a large wine cellar in the grade reward area. Floor-to-
Ceiling walls in the glass center of the city and sea view.
Five bedrooms and five bathrooms in total.
Main building with bedroom and guest house with gym.
Two separate garages, a car court and a flat grass yard make up nearly threeacre grounds.
On August, the house went public for $5.
Records show that 85 million pounds, signed in less than a week.
Sally Foster Jones of John Arlo Group is a listing agent.
Furfurman at Hilton Highland represents the buyer.
Kirilenko, 34, played 13 seasons in the NBA for the Utah Jazz, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Brooklyn Nets. Star team (2014)and one All-
Defensive First Team (2006).
The striker retired in June and was elected president of the Russian Basketball Federation in August.
Star charm of Twilight
Singer Nikki Reid, who plays a vampire in the Twilight movie, sold a compound on Hollywood Hill for $1. 31 million.
1920 Spain-
The villa, guest house and swimming pool are located on the Hill of the Hollywood Lake District.
City views and mountains can be seen from the house and roof terrace.
Three in front.
Within 2,284 square feet of space, multiple floors feature a living room, dining area, updated kitchen, laundry, four bedrooms and three bathrooms.
There is a wide deck and a waterfall spa around an irregular swimming pool.
Reed, 27, appeared in the current TV series \"Sleepy Valley\" and starred in \"O. C. \" (2006).
She starred and cooperated.
Write \"Thirteen \"(2003).
The film was adapted from her teenage work.
The property had previously turned around in 2011 for $872,000.
Peter roremo PLG House is an agent for listing.
Jon Grauman and Lauren Hice from the agency represent the buyer.
Whimsical houses have become the star of Hillsborough, California.
Home known as fl stone house for its boulders
Just like the price of $4 is on the market. 2 million. The multiple-dome-
Bay Area architect William Nicholson designed the forming structure in 1976 as an experiment with new materials.
In the 1980 s, the residence was called the \"barbatapa\" home, named after the children\'s books under the name and subsequent cartoon performances.
Other names include the dome, Gumbi and bubble house.
Three unusual shapes. bedroom, two-
The house in the bathroom was built by forming wires around the balloon and then spraying the surface with a spray.
The house has 2,730 square feet of living space inside the circular exterior wall, originally White and later painted orange.
Now there is a dome that is purple.
The highest part of the house has an upstairs bedroom which is reached by a spiral staircase.
Stone is used in the main bathroom instead of floor tiles.
In a recent update, architect Eugene Tsui designed the skylight
Kitchen with glass on toptopped counter.
The Burning Man artist Dan Das Mann made a unique steel cut-out door.
A medusa chandelier hangs above the living area of the talk pit with a fireplace inside. The nearly two-
Public records show the acre property was sold for $800,000 in 1996.
Judy meishuk, Alan Pinnell\'s real estate agent, is on the market. lauren. beale@latimes.
@ Lathotproperty neal. leitereg. latimes.
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