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more than 114,000 view the wonders of imts.

by:QUESTT     2020-07-11
Chicago demonstrated the high-tech advances in processing IMTS 2000, reaching its \"productivity showcase\" billing standard, with 114,675 people passing through Chicago\'s sponge McCormick square to see what\'s new ---
What is profitable-
In manufacturing.
The editors of tools and production ended their comments on the show in this issue, starting with the editor Ted Geise\'s comments on grinding materials
Processing Hall: grinding/sawing/finishing and sawing Hall gives visitors the opportunity to see a variety of services and products from raw materials to highly complex automation systems. Among the 200-
In addition to the exhibition in the exhibition hall, people can find new products and services and old products in the exhibition to introduce specific technologies and products to newcomers.
In the ground-breaking machine with the Microfast belt grinder of the Kruger machine, it shows the surprising application of the 3m new Shard-free Trizac belt to Cam and crankshaft ultra-fine machining
Although Trizac is a coating grinding line, known for its high metal removal rate over the past three years, it has a very long life span (1000-
Parts for each belt)
With consistent finish, the Microfast machine has an advantage over its competitors.
The machine does not need to constantly change the properties of the problem, which is a typical feature of the traditional coated abrasive belt, able to maintain 0.
The 1mm Ra is completed within the belt life and the change is less than 0.
03mm Ra, according to company research.
Flexible belts and forces lack spare table boards or shoes for 9 lbs or less, which leads to a simplified machine that can easily adapt to different workpiece geometry.
Change the belt in less than a minute.
Machines with or with coolant are made of cheap, lightweight, highly reliable components such as traditional hp work-holding drives.
According to the configuration, the price is 10% to 20% lower than the continuous tape ultra-precision machine, and the industry expects to see more news about this machine in the future.
Another new machine presented by QPAC proves the increased competition in the market for micro-processing technology, as well as the increasing acceptance of coated abrasive belts as a replacement for super-processed stone.
With modular design and assembly, the old lathe can be easily converted into an ultra-fine machining machine with 3m film
QPAC\'s new machine may be a low-cost alternative to other machines on the market.
Reading through hundreds of exhibitions carefully, several trends in the market are evident.
An obvious trend is for companies to expand their product range from niche-
Targeted business in the past few years.
Engis Corp. , for example, now offers a CNC wheel trimming system to expand its expertise in ultra-grinding, including covering the grinder to multiple
Shaft grinder.
Combined grinding technology (UGT)
The Precimat and Profimat RT are introduced, as part of its \"Ecological Philosophy\", providing a low-end grinder range that traditionally does not belong to their sales.
Lapmaster International broke past concerns about grinding by introducing two new fine grinding machines, an application for grinding wheels instead of loose grinding.
Their new LFG12 and 20G, double-sided, and single-sided finishing machines use the new pill ultra-grinding wheel of the universal ultra-grinding head, respectively.
According to Lapmaster, companies looking to buy fine grinding machines should be attracted by the greater capacity and price of the lfg12, about the third machine of their competitors.
Another obvious trend is that more and more multi-functional machines combine grinding and processing (
Milling, car, etc)
On the same machine.
While adding grinding wheels to machine tools has been done for decades, it is slow to gain recognition because Machine tools often lack the stiffness and precision needed to optimize the production grinding process.
However, the company found that the time saved through the accuracy of one setting and CNC control provides attractive compensation benefits.
The machines presented by Bridgeport and Makino are particularly striking, both described below.
In addition, the combined grinding technology also presents a Maegerle MGC crawling Feed grinder for the processing of the mill and other processing tools.
Bridgeport has introduced the FGC 1000 flexible grinding center, a vertical column machine with a special coolant delivery system.
Starting with the basic machine tool frame equipped with a control thermal expansion system, they have added modifications that accept traditional grinding wheels (
Pink alumina on the display).
Head and workpiece control at 5-
Shaft movement and various spindle, the machine can achieve extraordinary performance when grinding turbine components made of Inconel.
The performance section comes from Rolls Royce\'s patented coolant application technology and is incorporated into the process known as the VIP process to shorten the processing time of turbine roots from 18 to 18. 4 sec.
Coolant Technology uses a movable nozzle whose position is controlled by CNC to optimize 10,000-
Psi synthetic coolant
With this success of traditional abrasive, one would want to achieve what can be achieved by using ceramic or super grinding wheels.
Makino\'s engineers demonstrated the success of Super grinding on the A88 level machine tool, which includes the wheels in the drill bit, rolling mill and other items in the tool turntable and the honing grinding core shaft.
With a single installation and CNC control positioning, alignment can be almost ensured, so there is no need to use a floating grinding knife to complete the cylinder holes on the body of the compressor being processed on the exhibits.
On the contrary, the machine uses a rigid plated CBN grinding knife designed to expand as the coolant pressure increases (
1 psi increments adjustable from I to 10,000 psi)
For the exact size.
With CNC using feedback data from load sensors, the core bar size can be adjusted continuously in real time.
For grinding, the A88 machine uses wheels of various custom designs for surface, OD, ID, or contour grinding.
Wheels made with CBN (GE Model 400-500)
, Including a patented design to deliver coolant through holes that are regularly spaced on the surface of the plated CBN crystal.
The key to Honing grinding shaft and grinding wheel development is the cooperation between Makino\'s tool designer and Di-\'s staff
Coating, Novi, MI, technical expert in ultra-abrasive plating.
Several companies have launched machines for specific applications, a contrasting trend for multi-purpose machines.
UGT, for example, showed it the new S32 punch grinder, a machine with software, accessories and fixtures, designed for specific applications.
Toyota introduced GT-
011 pin grinding machine, which demonstrates grinding the eccentric punch to 2 [micro]
Improve accuracy using Toyoda\'s own ultra-grinding wheels, CNC controls and accessories.
The new Unison company presents the new type 1100 CNC, known as the punch master, which enhances the grinding speed and the movement speed of the machine by nearly 400%.
Many companies use IMTS to introduce foreign machines to the US market.
For example, the United grinding technology company launched the precision tool grinder of Jung company in Germany, which was acquired by Schleifring Group last year, the parent company of UGT, Reform ph Rabenseifner, presents its Blanchard/Reform travel head production grinder as described below.
UNOVA Booth also highlighted the large heavy-duty machines jointly operated by Cincinnati machines and European manufacturers DST bringing, Doerries, Scharmaun, as well as the Berthiez line for US customers.
The Jung J630E shown by UGT is a precision tool grinder with a precision trimmer, as an integral part of the wheel head assembly installed on a separate shaft and rotated under the ONO control, the dresser is able to use multiple single point diamonds to achieve complex wheel profiles.
Brought to the United States under the agreement with Cone
The Reform machine Blanchard Corp. of Type 13 Reform Rabenseifner fills the gap caused by the closing of Mattison\'s machine tool, which makes a large rotary bench grinder. With 18 ft-
The long or longer table of Type 13 and its sister models is ideal for manufacturing and re-sharpening large tool blades (
Black and ceramic)
And has an amazing ability to maintain full length flatness within 17mm.
This tolerance requires an environment for temperature control and sufficient machine base.
With a horizontal or vertical spindle, the machine can install the customer-
The specified control.
Erwin Junker presents its Jucam CNC grinding system, which completes a camshafts in a single setting.
This machine is capable of handling shafts up to 250mm in diameter and 1100mm in length, using Junker\'s \"Quickpoint\" method, a patented process that uses very narrow CBN wheels to minimize heat and cutting forces.
Junker also demonstrated the BUAJ9 NC, a new Universal grinder with a rotary head for a quick conversion from OD to ID grinding mode.
Norton has launched a new series of CBN wheels for double disc grinding.
There are 60 to 800 particle sizes for the resin bonding wheel to choose from.
In representative gear grinding applications, 120-
Sand double wheel produced 0. 8[micro]
End of M Ra and 4 [micro]
M parallelism after 0 is removed.
1mm of the material is in a 10 second cycle.
Norton also launched the Altos wheel (
The previous version was called Targa)
Used for crawling feed, gear, flute and bearing grinding applications.
The highly porous structure passes through water like a sieve, made of extruded ceramic alumina, bonded together to form a very open matrix for good coolant permeability and long wheel life.
The company also showed NORaX, a new coated abrasive with a structured surface and a scepter diamond wheel, which was developed in a government research advanced ceramic grinding project.
In addition, Norton took advantage of the news lunch at IMTS to discuss the advantages of working with global corporate clusters under the San Gobain umbrella.
In the Saint-Gobain family, there are about 200 manufacturing enterprises in North America, including traditional and super-grinding wheel manufacturers, coating abrasive manufacturers, trimming and diamond tool manufacturers, abrasive manufacturers and research centers.
As a result, the Norton Higgins grinding technology center in Maruster can now use a variety of technical resources to help the industry without emphasizing specific companies or products.
In order to promote technology development and launch a cooperation project between research institutions, manufacturing and abrasive manufacturers, Norton announced that it is scheduled to hold a grinding technology forum on October 25-27, 2000 in maroster.
Phone number: 508-795-5709.
Oh, GE Superabrasives in Westville introduced a new website at www using IMTS 2000 press conference. abrasivesnet.
Here, people can not only find new things online, but also find information on the selection and purchase of Super-abrasive materials online, as well as information on technical products and applications.
Click on the grinding, machining, micro-grinding, saw and other GE product icons to get a collection of downloadable technical literature files in Adobe reader file format.
With the launch of the site, GE has also entered a new business, selling diamond abrasive products beyond the traditional size and range of popular products, but in applications where grading and size are not common or important.
From the company of the UNOVA group, Citco presents its new CVD diamond dresser, which takes advantage of the structural properties of diamonds produced by chemical vapor deposition.
CVD vanity and similar products (e. g.
, Dressing table made of single crystal drill)
5 to 10 times longer than traditional diamond products, it is easy to re-grind several times.
In applications where the edge radius must be kept within a strict tolerance range, the CVD vanity is particularly useful.
CITCO has also shown its new high lubrication bond (HLB)
Super abrasive, including abrasive in ceramic or pi resin bonding system.
HLB products have achieved considerable success in combination with GE superabrasiag5o Diamond frosted grains.
Gardner Abrasives, another UNOVA company, has introduced new or improved products for the traditional market.
Their new cork/epoxy wheel for Centerless grinding bed provides an alternative to Cork/rubber products currently on the market.
According to Gardner, for the roller mill industry, Gardner has introduced a new wheel with improved shellac adhesive, A adhesive system with a long tradition in roller mill,
Gardner provides an improved magnesium wheel for the wheels used by spring manufacturers with Dual Disc grinding machines, a traditional product for spring grinding.
The new wheels combine high-performance ceramic grinding materials (Cubitron)
It has faster curing magnesium chloride and resin bonded matrix.
Compared to the six-week lead time required for the manufacture of conventional magnesium wheels, the new wheel completion time is approximately three days.
The general purpose superabrasive material successfully applied induced pores to resin bonds and demonstrated the final product designed for Carbide grinding.
They also launched a pill wheel for the mill.
In addition, for the needs of the industry, a small drive motor for the CBN wheel dresser has been introduced.
Some new motor designs now measure only 2 \"on the cross section and are able to grow to 1 hp.
In addition, Diamond flying discs have been developed for cast iron trimming operations.
The new discs produce less dust, reduce the cost of consumption by 30%, and increase the productivity by 15%.
Man Corp. Demonstrated its next generation of ceramic bonding surface grinding wheels aimed at manufacturers of polycrystal diamond, PCBN and hard alloy tools.
Tyrovio has launched a new IPC service to help users solve problems using grinding technology.
The IPC covers the entire grinding system: coolant, wheels, machine tools, and process control.
Tyrotta stressed that its new high-speed grinding wheel is a low-cost alternative to competitor products on the market.
The wheels have an enhanced wheel core made of lightweight and sturdy composites, as well as a segmented ultra-abrasive circumference for grinding at speeds up to 2600 sfm.
Other outstanding products are Startech of tyrotron, a resin bonded Super grinding wheel for grinding carbide, and Vibstar, a wheel constructed using damping materials in the wheel core, to enhance the performance of ultra-abrasive materials placed on older machine tools.
The new packaging of CAD/CAM and marketing management software highlighted at the Goldman Sachs Industrial Group booth provides insight into the management problems faced by companies that have grown through multiple mergers and acquisitions.
The details of the computer program and its implementation suggest the amount of time, effort and capital investment needed to integrate the new company into the competitive group structure.
For Goldman Sachs, the new IT system provided by IBM is a unified force and a means to improve the flow of information between customers and various engineering and manufacturing, management of several companies, including Bryant and researcher
American Machine Tool Group.
Among other exhibits, Flow International has introduced a new ultra-high pressure water jet cutting system, which uses 87,000 psi of water to cut aluminum, copper and brass without grinding.
The new system, combined with the software and control of Flow, can provide the company with faster cutting speed and the choice of cutting thicker materials.
The best features of the Songnen and the ordinary honing machine have been combined to create something
The series of tubes in the exhibition booth of Songnen products are honed.
Medium-sized machines are designed for the work of long and large drilling parts.
At the exhibition, the new one is the next generation turbine gear core.
It can be used for a variety of high-capacity production machines and stone hone that adapts to most competitor machines.
For high performance, low cost honing grinding, Sunnen introduced a new ML 3500 power stro mill, which they reported was 6 times faster than ID grinding and other Honing grinding processes.
Federal/Mahr presents two new wheel balancers, including a new device designed specifically for high-speed CBN wheels in which balanced micro-scale and sub-micro-scale pairs of performance
Unlike other traditional balances, new common
The flat wheel balancer uses small weights and co-objects placed in the wheel frame-
Balance correction from plane to wheel plane.
The wheel spindle, however, must include a special cavity to accept the balancing mechanism.
Mahr also showed a new fast balancer created by Baladyne\'s research.
The balancer is connected to a rotary Chuck to quickly correct the imbalance in the Chuck/workpiece assembly before precision machining or grinding.
According to Tom Tennent, editor of Metlfax, there will be no progress in the metal processing industry without a solution.
\"If there is no way to fix the workpiece in place,\" he said, \"How do you expect to process it?
\"Here\'s his comment: dozens of work holding companies appear at IMTS, filling the long corridor of the work holding and tools Pavilion at the Lakeside Center at McCormick square.
Like most exhibitors, the companies that work are spotlight products that solve problems.
Improving productivity is the name of the game in the past and in the future.
SMW Autoblok presents a new design of the index Chuck without secondary operation. The AXN-
R auto index Chuck took a year to develop and is ideal for hard turns, said Sidney Roth, president.
\"This is a technical game,\" Ross said . \"
\"We develop solutions for our customers.
\"The Chuck is designed for the automotive supplier of CVjoints and U-joints.
The new series Chuck provides high rigidity and double clamping system, which will prevent deformation of the chuck body and allow high precision machining of parts without secondary grinding operation. The AXN-
R enables the different faces of the part to be machined and then indexes \"on-the-
Fly, \"all in one clamping.
The redesigned casing hardened Chuck body provides greater rigidity, eliminating secondary grinding operations.
The result is increased productivity and reduced waste.
\"The thickness of the strap is three times that of the standard Chuck,\" Mr. Ross said . \".
\"This helps prevent deformation of the chuck.
\"The Chuck is able to process four-sided parts at 90 degrees or three-sided parts at 120 degrees.
The parts at 45 ° and 60 ° are also available in models.
It has fast index time, high grab power, even with high speed and fast, accurate and repeatable performance.
Fully sealed AXN-
The R Chuck body protects the internal working parts from contamination, the working parts are lubricated internally, and the Chuck is almost maintenance-free.
\"It was perfect during the first and second surgery,\" said Mr Ross . \".
\"It\'s better to pull off the parts. \" The TRIBOS-
R is popular at Schunk precision work holding system booth in NC Morrisville.
The \"power shrink\" tool holder is designed to handle the high radial cutting force on the tool, with minimal vibration at high cutting speeds.
When it is used with Schunk Tendo Hydraulic Expansion Chuck, it forms a modular tool system that provides real operation (
Within 3 microns)for high-
High quality surface finish and extended tool life.
Ultra-thin design provides maximum tool clearance for machining complex surfaces or for inner surfaces that need to extend the tool range.
Unlike other tool holding systems that require a heating/cooling process to obtain maximum clamping force, TRIBOS geometry clamping technology distributes the clamping force evenly across three areas of the tool handle.
After unloading, the clamping diameter of the unit is a polygon.
It is deformed into a circle by Schunk\'s SVP elasticity
2 clamping the deice to insert the cutting tool handle.
When the force is removed, the tool holder \"shrinks\" to the original polygon shape and applies a high clamping force.
Extremely hard tools to maintain results and time to balance or rebalance
The balance is almost eliminated.
\"There is no fatigue because the toolbox is not deformed,\" explains Bill Vincent, sales and marketing manager . \".
EROWA Technology in IL Arlington Heights presents a range of productivity solutions.
In addition to the complete workpiece holding system series for milling, cutting, grinding and EDM, the series also provides flexibility to stack individual workpieces up through large multi-workpiece, features are automated/material handling products suitable for WEDM and chip manufacturing operations.
CERTA, EROWA\'s sister company, presents a new concept in the automation system, which provides a modular Gantry robot for dual machine tool units containing the CERTA tray quick changer.
Using the EROWA tool system as a part fixture carrier, the changer can load and unload parts in most machine tools in less than 10 seconds.
This concept makes the system economical for mass production or for short processing cycles.
Since parts can be fed \"loosely\" using a traditional conveyor or Bowl feeder, the system can operate three shifts unattended.
Among the many products presented by Midaco, IL Elk Grove Village is a new rotary tray converter with an electric servo drive.
The automatic rotary pallet system is designed to increase the productivity of the machining center by moving the column or bridge design.
Offering a variety of pallet sizes, from 30 \"x 18\" to 40 \"x 20\", the compact end-loading system exchanges pallets with [in about 20 seconds]+ or -]0.
Repeatability of 0001.
After the automatic door is opened, the electric servo-
The drive screw transfers the completed tray from the machining center to the shuttle.
The turntable index of the electric servo drive is then 180 degrees to replace the tray to be loaded into the machine.
The rotary design allows loading and unloading of all parts in front of the machine.
Therefore, this makes it unnecessary for the operator to go to the back of the shuttle to load and unload the parts, thus increasing the productivity of the operator.
The removal of hollow cylinder of hydraulic threadSTA-
The CO Industrial Products Group at MI Madison Heights has been redesigned to provide better performance in a rigorous manufacturing environment.
Upgrades include sae o-ring-
Simplified style porting for plug-ins and leaks-
Free hydraulic connection and heat treatment process after finishing to help prevent sealing failure caused by internal rating.
Steve Brown of SMW Systems, Santa Fe Springs, California said: \"We show the latest models of our turntable product line ---
Our latest servo control system, we have improved the RS-
Communication between CNC control of 232 machine and servo control of our workbench.
\"In the past, he explained, customers had only two options for indexers or turntables: * a full fourth --
Axis control, where the CNC machine controls the X, Y, Z, and table of the running machine.
The disadvantage here is that the cost is high and the transformation is difficult.
* An indexer (table)
With its own servo control, the communication between the control of the machine tool and the servo control of the index is carried out through M code.
The system requires separate programming of CNC and turntable servo control.
What\'s worse, though, is that there\'s a problem communicating through M code.
When an operator breaks a cycle, a crash usually occurs, causing the two controls to be out of sync.
\"Our latest RS-
The 232 technology allows the rotary servo control to simply work as a slave to the program in CNC.
It is very easy to transform and much cheaper than the entire fourth axis.
It has completely eliminated the issue of the crash, \"Mr Brown added.
NC Knight Dale Alpha working holding Systems Inc. has introduced a magnetic modular fixture (MMF)system.
The system uses permanent
Magnetic module (nominally 3. 5\" dia)
It can produce a clamping force of up to 1400 LBS.
These modules can be placed anywhere on the machine table and linked to a single controller.
Another advantage is that the module generates magnetic flux only at a height of 3/8 above the workpiece, thus virtually eliminating stray magnetic flux. Mitee-
Bitcoin Products Co. , Ltd. , center osipi, New Hampshire, introduced the singleBloc clamp. The fast-
The proxy fixture is used to clamp parts on the bridge entrancetype mill.
It is fixed on the table with cap screws, the clamping height range is 4 \", just rotate T-wrench.
For the total clamping height of 12 \", The riser block can be added.
The era of laser is coming, mentioning the word laser is like a comic hero or a science fiction novel on Saturday afternoon --fi movies. Not any more.
\"Industrial lasers are no longer that \'Gee wh;
Scott W Mabie, marketing manager, GSI Lumonics, said.
\"Today, lasers are accepted as the right path by the industry,\" added Steve Crang, marketing manager at GSI . \".
Many manufacturers and suppliers of laser products present the laser to Paul Matheis, editor-in-chief of T & P, mainly [CO. sub. 2]
Nd: YAG has a place in the manufacturing industry.
From automotive applications to Telecom-
Fiber-welded connections \"could be a real boom,\" Mr Crang said\"-
The laser has become their mark.
Why is laser so important to industry?
Because the laser: * can process various materials from aluminum to zinc;
* Do not break or wear like a tool and do not need to be replaced; * are well-
Suitable for 3D operation;
* Provide tight tolerances and excellent repeatability;
And * produce less heat input to produce welds with minimal deformation.
The growth in sales proves the demand for laser products in the market.
For example, Rofin-
Sinar Laser reports that 2000 of sales in the third quarter were up 60% from last yearon-
Figures from last year.
\"There is a growing demand for our new diodes --
In highly diverse applications, the pump light forms many different branches, improving the traditional Rofin-
Dr. Peter Wirth of Rofin said: \"Sinar business areas have reached record levelsSinar.
As sales grow, the same is true of the efforts of tool system manufacturers to capture part of the market.
Friedman Lyall, director of sales, Lasertec Co. , Ltd-
A division of the Gildermeister Group-
He said his company has invested $15 million in product development.
Mr Lell added that Gildemeister\'s business objective was to place its products in two-
People are shopping all the way to major company manufacturers.
IMTS 2000 clearly shows how the manufacturing industry takes the laser very seriously.
Within the laser Pavilion, products and services using laser for a wide range of applications are shown, including welding, cutting, drilling, engraving, heat treatment, surface treatment and hydraulic tool cutting.
Although Rofin shows a variety of laser technologies in IMTS
The company launched the Rofin RF 040 [CO. sub. 2]
Industrial processing of laser. Featuring a 4.
0 KW power output and modular oscillator, RF 040 [CO. sub. 2]
Help eliminate RF-
Match to adjust downtime.
With the large-scale development of the automotive industry
Murata Wiedemann Inc. has launched its own hybrid system: Vectrum 3046.
Vectrum 1500 combines a 3046-watt laser with a Servo Hydraulic stamping punch in one machine, integrating stamping, forming, tapping and laser cutting processes to increase productivity.
The trend of continuing to diversify
Precision Technology Group Co. , Ltd. PTG)
Show how much it is
Use of laser cutting system: Sum555-
M and flagship SBM-777-M.
The two precision technology centers combine fixed lasers, fixed optics, and motion platforms.
However, SBM-777-
There are three features of M.
Axis motion control.
The advantages of the Domino laser cutting system of Convergent Prima are also flexibility.
Equipped with 2200 Watts 【CO. sub. 2]
Domino, Domino, provides 2D and 3D cutting functions on one machine, including flight optics.
Domino can cut 98 plates and plates.
5 \"x 49\" with a thickness of up to 1/2 \".
In the range of 360 degrees
Shaft and 120 B-
When the axis rotates, Domino also handles workpieces with a height of up to 6 1/4 in any tool attitude (5\" lens).
Amada USA launched the Gemini flying optical laser system at IMTS.
Gemini has high speed, double
The drive gantry is able to move its laser cutting head at 4554 ipm along the x-axis vector of 45 °.
An optional, Independent
The driven second gantry allows the second laser head to cut, Mark, drill or tap at the same time.
6000 W [CO. sub. 2]
China\'s FH 6000 laser provides high power for cutting up to 1/2 of carbon steel, up to 1/4 of stainless steel and up to 1/2 of aluminum.
The increased power allows deeper penetration of welding and increases the speed of welding.
With higher power to maximize powder deposition and the accumulation of each, the cladding productivity has also been improved.
Bystronic has launched a compact, high-speed, fully automatic CNC laser cutting unit
Bycell consists of a central modular storage tower, a single or multiple laser cutting centers with an automatic shuttle, and a single or multiple compact vertical loading and unloading or sorting stations.
The central paper and part storage system consists of up to 32 storage compartments and mobile paper tables with integrated out-of-the-box stations.
Three cutting table sizes are available: 120 \"x 50\", 120 \"x 60\" and 160 \"x 80 \".
Also worth noting is that senior tech editor Don Dobbins offers some sort ideas about the products he sees on IMTS 2000: machine parts, cleaning, and environmental pavilions reflect the end user\'s preference for the turnkey system, which provides faster cycle times with more flexible control, and requires less operator skills and attention.
The faster and more powerful linear actuator and the higher spindle speed highlight many exhibits.
An example of a new product that meets these requirements can be found on IBAG and THK monitors.
CT North Haven IBAG has introduced its new HFK 135 heavy duty, high speed, plug and play spindle system.
Rated power is 15 hp (peak)and 11 hp (continuous)
HFK 135 provides oil mist and grease lubrication at 40,000 rpm.
It is suitable for any existing 40 or 50 ISO, BT or CAT cone machine and provides 5/8 \"(16 mm)dia.
Tool size capacity with fast function
Changes are available.
The HFK 135 system includes a compact spindle and high frequency drive with a refrigerated cooling system, a spindle bearing lubrication system, an Air Management Unit, a convenient interconnect cable and hose, and a mobile steel housing.
According to William F Popoli, president of IBAG North America, the main market for the HFK 135 spindle includes mold and mold processing, precision aluminum components, 3D profiles of medical devices, model and prototyping.
Through new value
Added program, big uma USA, Charlotte, NC, launched its true blue preventive maintenance program, with the exception of 12-
Monthly warranty for all Okuma machines sold during IMTS.
\"Okuma will start offering purchase options for all machines in the future,\" COO Larry Schwartz said . \".
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