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CNC Laser cutter High Precision tube fiber laser metal cutting machine

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CNC Laser cutter High Precision tube fiber laser metal cutting machine
1000W laser power for tube cuttings
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    •  The three-jaw chuck is used for clamping, the servo motor drives the pipe to rotate, and the small hole cutting X Y interpolation movement, the workpiece does not rotate during cutting. Due to the relatively large height difference in large hole cutting, the rotation axis and X-axis interpolation motion are used to complete the cutting.
    • The cutting head adopts pointed cutting. The software adopts the integrated cutting software for plate and tube, which is divided into 2 stations to realize the tube cutting on the cylinder and the stretching plane cutting.
    • The laser cutting head realizes the X-axis servo movement and Y-axis servo movement in the long direction, and the Z-axis of the cutting head automatically follows the cutting.
    • Using special pipe cutting software, directly import 3D drawings into the software for automatic cutting.

Product composition

QA-FL3000-6020S hardware precision laser cutting machine is a complete set of laser cutting equipment with optical and mechanical integration. It consists of fiber laser, chiller, fiber cutting head, cutting machine table, transmission system, control system, gas and water system, waste collection and other functions. Component integration.





The cutting machine adopts a three-axis controlled CNC laser cutting, a precision screw and a servo-driven one-dimensional precision translation table to complete the rapid movement of the workpiece in the length direction. The cutting head realizes the horizontal movement of Y axis and the lifting movement of Z axis.

Guide drive: Both CNC axes are guided by rolling guides; the Z axis is driven by an AC servo motor to drive the ball screw pair to feed. The AC servo motor, ball screw pair, rolling guide pair, and reducer are all selected imported well-known brands.

Technical paramers

Laser TypeFiber Laser (Raycus)

X axis travel

600 mm(Diameter movement of the workpiece)

Y axis travel

100 mm(Diameter movement of the workpiece)

Z axis travel

150 mm

Maximum cutting capacity

Carbon steel 8mm; stainless steel 5mm; aluminum alloy: 3mm

X, Y axis maximum speed

30 m/min

Maximum laser power


X, Y axis positioning accuracy


X, Y axis repeat accuracy


1. The unique blowing method reduces the pollution of the auxiliary gas to the lens during cutting, and greatly extends the service life of the lens.   


2. Imported optical focusing lens focusing lens is adopted, which greatly improves the cutting ability and cutting stability.    


3. The Z axis can be used as a numerical control axis for its independent interpolation movement, and can be linked to the X and Y axes at the same time, and can also be switched to follow-up control to meet the needs of different situations. After the capacitance sensor in the Z-axis device detects the distance from the cutting nozzle to the surface of the sheet, the signal is fed back to the control system, and then the control system controls the Z-axis motor to drive the cutting head to move up and down, thereby controlling the distance between the cutting nozzle and the sheet. , Effectively guarantee the cutting quality. The cutting head has a nut for adjusting the focus, and the position of the focus can be adjusted according to the material and thickness of the cutting material, thereby obtaining a good cutting section.     


4. The follow-up systemThe follow-up system is to realize the up and down movement of the Z-axis of the cutting head. The height of the cutting head can be automatically adjusted when the cutting material surface has a slight bending deformation, so that the height of the cutting head and the surface of the board can be maintained within the range of cutting process parameters, which greatly improves the quality of the cutting product. efficient.

5. Laser source: Raycus RFL series medium-power continuous/quasi-continuous fiber laser lasers are refined with the industry's top modules and perfect technology, with good beam quality, stable product performance and excellent quality.

(Raycus)Fiber laser working parameters:

⑴. continuous mode: the power is continuously adjustable between 1W-3000W.

⑵. Modulation frequency: pulse frequency can be adjusted between 05kHz.

(3) The laser output is stable and reliable.

⑷The instability of the laser output power is less than 2%.

⑸ The laser output beam quality: BPP value <2.0mm*mrad.

⑹. The whole system has perfect self-protection function of optical path, with multi-circuit closed-loop protection system. The laser transmission path does not allow light leakage. The reflection of light generated during the processing process can turn off the laser in time to protect the laser.

⑺. The laser itself has a refrigeration unit to ensure the stability of the laser and optical fiber transmission.


6. Gantry beam: It adopts professionally stretched composite aluminum profile, and is equipped with precision and screw guide rails and servo motor drive. It has the characteristics of light weight, low inertia, strong rigidity, good shock absorption, high running speed and high processing accuracy, and realizes cutting and fast moving and feeding speed in idle stroke.


7. Transmission system: The transmission system adopts Taiwan's Shangyin brand linear guide and Japanese THK precision screw drive, linear guide H-level and precision screw are C4 level, to ensure that the laser cutting machine can maintain extremely good under high-speed cutting. The precision and speed.

X, Y, Z three-axis transmission control adopts imported servo motors and reducers, which have high precision, high speed, large torque, large inertia and other performances, and the components are stable and durable.


8.Air supply system: The oxygen air supply system is controlled by an electronic proportional valve, and the air volume can be controlled through CNC cutting software, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of cutting iron plates, while reducing the amount of oxygen used, and saving cutting costs; air The nitrogen gas supply part is controlled by a high-pressure valve, which can realize intermittent air blowing during the cutting idle movement process, which greatly saves the gas cost.


9. Software CNC system

It adopts a special cutting CNC control system for optical fiber. The main functions of the CNC system are as follows:

The laser power is fully matched with the numerical control system: the laser power, pulse frequency, shutter switch, working mode selection and the conversion of various auxiliary gases can be directly controlled by CNC;

With powerful self-diagnosis function, it can promptly prompt the internal alarm of the machine tool. At the same time, a special alarm information code is compiled for the external alarm of the machine tool, which is automatically prompted on the screen;

Support DXF\DWG\IGES and other format file input, batch import of parts, import of CSV parts list;

Efficient automatic typesetting function, automatic optimization of cutting path, independent process database, convenient cutting parameter call, automatic process and flexible manual process, while supporting co-edge cutting, which can realize the co-edge of the same part or the co-edge of different parts, reducing the number of plates Waste generation;

Professional CAM interface, which can display and distinguish different process applications, can zoom in and out of the simulation interface in real time, and can adjust the simulation speed, such as corner processing, error marking, coedge, etc., without independent software to view the process application conditions, which can fully meet the requirements of each Various process display requirements;

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