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get the best marking effect with laser marking machine

by:QUESTT     2020-05-07

Laser marking machine is a machine that prints permanent code on different products.Identifying the marking and coding on the parts of the manufacturing parts is one of the most economical systems, and this is one of the best solutions.These lasers are suitable for your environment and are highly automated and can help you save money, time and energy.It helps to print permanent print with MRP, batch and batch numbervery clearly.Compared with the technology of marking quality, permanent printing and less consumables, the method provided by laser marking machine has advantages.It is advantageous to work with different technologies and advanced procedures.For example, a machine with a CO2 marking machine at different output locations can point to a range of substrates and applications.These machines have different speeds, touch screen controllers and sharpness designed to reduce coding systems.It helps to minimize costs and investments.It also extends the marking speed capability of 150,000 products per hour.Fiber laser marking machine is ideal for plastic and metal marking.The uniqueness of these machines is that they are integrated into automation and help to pick, place, print, paste and disassemble on automatic linear or rotating index systems and vibration Bowl feed systems.1 Fiber laser marking price range between lakh and 11 lakhs.The fiber laser marking machine consists of three parts, namely:Fast speed, long machine life, outstanding energy saving and environmental protection performance.Generally used for integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks, electronic communication products, aerospace components, different auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, wire and Cable, food packaging, tobacco and other areas such as military supplies, graphic and text marking, and mass production lines.It is used for gold and silver jewelry, sanitary ware, plastic, glass, stone, leather, etc.Several manufacturers and suppliers offer this service at affordable prices.These machines are developed using advanced raw materials and advanced technology.
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