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german machine tools\\\' rise - the new york times

by:QUESTT     2020-07-02
Written by john tagliabuemarch 1984, this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes. com. Twenty-
Trump\'s slow pace five years ago. m. b. H.
A sleepy manufacturer that produces metal scissors and power tools makes most people doubt the company\'s beech-
The leaf shape marks the bloom of spring or the slow decline of autumn.
By last year, however, tongexpress had grown into one of the most dynamic machine tool manufacturers in West Germany, with sales quadrupling to $86 million and employing 1,400 workers in seven countries, including the United States.
In addition, Trumpf and its energetic chairman Berthold Leibinger have become a powerful force in helping the West German machine tool industry to get rid of the mechanical engineering tradition and enter the computer era. Trend-
Industrial sales fell by 10 amid the economic downturn in West Germany.
3%, set a loss of about 400 machine tool companies, active marketing and advanced computers
Control Sheet-
Metal Cutting machines helped the company grow its sales by five times. 3 percent.
A 1983 study by market analyst Frost & Sullivan predicts that as the Western European economy moves out of recession, new demand for replacement of obsolete equipment will result in increased machine tool purchases from 50% to 40 to 1980 in 1990.
Advertising analysts say tongexpress has opened up the path that other privately owned West German companies must take to avoid losing the business to aggressive competitors in Japan and the United States.
Head of Design Department
In 1950, she joined tongexpress as an apprentice, received an engineering degree at Stuttgart University, and led the company\'s design department before becoming chairman in 1978.
Five years ago, he and Hugo Schwartz bought 50% of the company\'s shares from founder Christian Tong.
Working in the United States in 1958
60 Cincinnati Mira clone
He is a large machine tool manufacturer.
Laibing has encountered new technologies such as numerical control --
Use the computer to guide the machine tool.
Then he returned to Germany to overhaul the fast production line.
Last year, a trade magazine called Mr. International metal and metal processing
The World Machine Tool Industry Annual man Laibing.
Gao Cheng is a major problem. \"German industry is in a difficult position \".
In a recent conversation, lebbinger soberly admitted that he still looks like a 53-year-old boy.
\"Our cost is very high, we lost the market in Japan, we are very late in numerical control.
But I think we have caught up.
The problem is no longer lag.
This has brought us back to the beginning.
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In 1982, West Germany\'s share of machine tool production in the world rose slightly to 15.
4%, from 15.
3% years ago.
Japan\'s share fell to 17.
At the same time, an increase of 1% from 18. 5 percent.
Although machine tool production in West Germany fell by 1983 and orders fell by 10%, German manufacturers still have a place in the world market.
Advertising Competition is growing. BitterTrumpf is in a legal battle with strip dancers.
Howard, Akron, New York, USAY.
Machine tool manufacturers.
The Department of Houdaille industry argued that the laser
Well equipped machines are manufactured in Farmington, Connecticut.
The factory, which is mainly used for export, violates the patent of Strippit.
Strippit also filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission in Washington, DC, accusing Trumpf of harming its business.
The Commission is looking at a request from the National Association of machine tool manufacturers to limit all machine tool imports entering the United States to 20% of the US market in five years, compared to their current 30% share.
Officials at the association say reliance on imports is endangering the national security of the United States.
California parts used 70 per cent of parts in the United States
The machines made by Trumpf originated in the United States.
She pointed out.
California companies, including Coherent Inc. , offer parts such as laser and plasma units
Spectrum of Palo Alto-Physics Inc.
Mountain View.
He predicted that the machine tool industry will
Called flexible manufacturing system
Well-made computers
Controlled combination of machine tools and robots that perform multiple operations without manual intervention.
He said it would weaken many small private West German companies that lack depth in resources and skills.
\"You need a business environment where good can be done well, mediocre can survive, and poor people can be eliminated,\" he said . \".
\"There must be a process of choice.
\"A version of this article appeared on page D00010 of the National edition in March 5, 1984, titled: The rise of German machine tools.
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