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cool gadgets shopper – how to find the right laser gadget

by:QUESTT     2020-06-11
If you want to technically understand the concept of laser cutting, the first thing you may need to learn is that the laser is an initial acronym word that extends to light amplification through the excitation Emission of Radiation.But generally speaking, the laser light source is just another feature of it.Channelize it may be straight line and can be seen from a further distance, while the normal light just disappears in the convex strip.The book \"laser: the correct use of light 1 million\" points out that there are already a lot of use of laser light sources, but what do you buy it?During the presentation you may see the professor hang a pen and tap the screen with it.Well, this is the simplest form of the laser, usually used as a pointing device on slides and presentations.It doesn\'t matter as long as you use red and green lasers.The rate of contamination caused by fireworks, it is better to hold a laser show on July 4 or Guy Fox Day, rather than smoke and flame through the sky.If you are an arsonist, you can even choose to light things like paper, cardboard, cotton and matches with a laser.If you are a smoker, use your creativity to even light a cigarette or a fat Cuban cigar.In the glass cutting industry, they are used to cut glass with impressive accuracy and accuracy.This has been inferred in many other industries recently.If you are working on it, it can even be used for depth and distance to the structure.The practical application of science extends to the fields of biology, chemistry and spectrum.An ordinary camper can consider scaring wild animals off with a laser.Unless you are a soldier, you will not carry a high power laser generator with more than 1 w power as it will become a weapon.The battlefield usually has nothing to do with the laser, which is used as a weapon and a beacon.Even if you don\'t have to be a scientist, a little bit of scientific knowledge will help you understand how lasers are produced.The extension of the concept provides a very concise description of how a laser beam is generated.Let\'s take you back to the basis of this case, and as you know, all matter is made up of molecules, and the molecules are made up of tiny particles called atoms.An atom has a central core consisting of protons and neutrons, called Small negative electric particles in a way similar to the Sun and Solar System planets that cycle the nucleus of electrons.This is just a representation of the state of atomic equilibrium.Suppose the atom is heated, or there is a little energy in one form or another --This means that the electrons in the orbit go into the excitation state, thus forming the excitation atom.If you extend this concept to an object that contains millions of atoms, then in this state of excitation, do you have several atoms.But how is red light produced?The answer is simple-The tendency of atoms to return to equilibrium states leads to the generation of a light energy packet called photons.This is the case-Someone gives you money and you will be very excited and then when you have no money you will decide that you are better off and throw it into the lake, there are thousands of other people besides you throwing all their money in the lake.This brings together all the photons, spreading in one direction, forming a laser beam.Small laser sources don\'t require much magic.It attracts cool apps from people from all walks of life-Professors, architects, engineers and builders, security forces and even children.Why?If you ask why, it just means you don\'t know the laser beam.What\'s more cool than being a laser light source in your hand?You can perform a light show in a different color, and when he tries to understand the source of little red dot, it will be a lot of fun to flash it into the neighbor\'s house.You can even stand out from the smoking crowd when lighting a cigarette with a laser, while lighting a cigarette with a lighter.There are different types of laser indicators on the market, and their size and structure depend entirely on the application.For example, the minimum link that the speaker usually uses during the presentation.A combination laser can be used for LED flashlights and even disco lights.If you are a club member, you will see red, green, and blue light coming out of the ground and turning into special effects when you are in the dance club.They are dual or combined lasers.When a person is chased by a SWAT team or special forces, have you seen a red dot on his chest or forehead?Yes, laser gun.sights.If you have a laser indicator, you may be glowing in the sky to see if you can see how far it is.A small laser indicator may not even be seen, while a larger light source may extend to a certain distance, the only determinant of the brightness and distance of the laser irradiation is the power of the beam.The laser pointer can be from 5 mW to 300 mW-This information is available to the public.An attempt to purchase a beam at a higher power capacity requires you to verify the document stating the reason for the purchase.Of course, lasers with higher power are very expensive.The more powerful the cool gadget is, the more dangerous it represents and the more legal problems that arise.Unless you are a doctor for laser eye surgery, you will not want to direct your laser beam to someone\'s eyes, which can cause permanent damage or even blindness.Glow at one point for too long and you will notice that the target is hot.A beam that shines directly at higher power on the skin can cause burns and heat boiling.This leads to the next question, whether it is legal or not, and the answer is to use these beams.You can be arrested for firing lasers on planes and ships. Recently, when a fan chose to launch a laser on the ground, the laser list was added to the football game, which affected the game.If you\'re just surprised by these things and just want to have one of these beauties, eBay or these auction sites are a great choice for you.They are really cheap, but the problem is that you don\'t get the product in the ad.So if you\'re a person who can tell between a 5 MW beam and a 20 MW beam, if you don\'t, go elsewhere and check it out and keep using the auction site.Let\'s say you\'re a professor who wants to get a laser light source for the spectral experiment, in which case, stay away from eBay.Instead, browse many online forums with a laser pointer-centric theme.K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Target are a great start, but you can also book your plane by visiting the website of the specialty store online.The latest laser gadgets on the market and?
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