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Chicago Public Library \'Maker Space\': Branch To Open Lab With 3-D Printers, Laser Cutters & More

by:QUESTT     2020-04-29
The library has long been a paradise for readers, but now the main branch of the Chicago Public Library has become a paradise for manufacturers.
As part of the CPL Innovation Lab, Harold Washington branch will open its free \"maker space\" in July 8 \".
Crain\'s Chicago Business described it as \"pop music\"
Up Manufacturing Lab will provide 3-
Printer, laser cutting machine, milling machine and vinyl cutting machine and various support design software.
\"The space will last for six months and may then be relocated to community branches around the city.
An excited customer took pictures of space. in-
Progress on Tuesday: as part of the Mayor Ram Emanuel\'s \"Summer of learning in Chicago\" initiative, CSOL even offered scout-
Like badges, send to people who use some of the manufacturer\'s space tools in the library, such as laser cutting machines.
Harold Washington Branch\'s maker space will not be the first in the city.
There are places like the Science and Industry Museum.
Although the library will be the only lab that is completely free.
The feitteville Free Library in New York State is the first library in the United States to launch similar spaces in 2011;
Since then, other public library systems in Connecticut and California have also become popular.
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