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3d printers may be as hazardous to your health as cigarettes, according to new study

by:QUESTT     2020-07-26
It\'s useful and fun to use 3D printing at home to make quirky gifts, household items and even swimwear ---
But is the printing process harmful to your health?
After a landmark study of air particle emissions from commercial desktop 3D printers, researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology warned consumers this month that using 3D printers would pose health hazards, so far, compare the use of indoor machines with smoking. The study --
According to Phys
Org is the first of its kind-
The display desktop 3D printer can emit a large number of potentially harmful particles (UFPs)
Enter the air when used.
Gizmodo explains: Normally, a 3D printer will heat the thermoplastic raw material, squeeze it out through the nozzle, and then deposit it on the landing table where your item is located.
It is well known that similar processes can produce harmful emissions in industrial environments, but the difference is that in factories, operators may need to wear certain protective devices and there may be better ventilation. In your home? Not so much.
The researchers measured the amount of UFPs released into the air when commercial printers (
Which brands are not specified in the study)
Create a small plastic Project.
And high radiation rate-
For 3D printers using PLA materials at relatively low temperatures, about 20 billion particles per minute, for those working at higher temperatures and other materials, more than 200 billion per minute
These emission rates are said to be similar to cooking on a gas stove or electric stove and smoking indoors.
According to Phys
Org, inhalation of UFPs can be harmful because the particles \"are effectively deposited in the lung and lung regions of the lungs and in the head airway.
\"They can also find the way to the brain through the olfactory nerve.
Previous studies have shown that high levels of UFPs in the body can lead to asthma symptoms, stroke, cardiac arrest, and even death.
According to the study, taking into account these health issues, the researchers said that consumers should be careful when operating 3D printers in \"underventilated or unfiltered indoor environments, published this month in the journal Atmospheric Environment.
Gizmodo recommends wearing suitable protective clothing when using the machine and using a 3D printer in the well
Ventilation area.
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