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With the Mooz, you can 3D print, carve, and engrave, too

by:QUESTT     2020-06-26
Subscribing to the 2017 3D printer on YouTube is more than just implementing your ideas on multiple dimensions --
They are also carving these sizes.
Meet Mooz, not only a fully modular 3D printer, but can also be operated as a CNC engraving and laser engraver.
Because now everyone should be Jack from all walks of life.
Even our machines.
Thanks to the easy-to-build design of Mooz, you can quickly change the shape of your modular device to adjust the speed and resolution of your printer.
According to the positioning of Mooz, you can choose the cost-
Effectiveness, accuracy and stability of printing, or speed and colormixing. What is color-You ask, mix?
As the name suggests, this approach combines colors to help you create an imaginative 3D print rather than a traditional monotonous model that we are more used.
Built from solid aluminum alloy, full
This printer features a metal hot end and precision acme lead screw that guarantees accurate quality and consistent performance each time.
Due to the simple software of the printer, you simply drag and drop the design into the interface and Mooz will be responsible for the rest of the work.
If you are not interested in printing something, but need to leave your mark on the existing work, you can turn to the CNC function of the machine.
With an adjustable depth of 0 to 5mm, you can carve artwork accurately and quickly.
Mooz also comes with a laser engraving head.
So whether you want to print the logo or text, you can use Mooz to carve wood, cork, and even your food.
To take advantage of both features, simply change the 3D print head to a CNC sculptor or a laser sculptor.
Another month, Mooz has raised more than $100,000 from nearly 300 supporters, a promising start to the Kickstarter project.
If you are interested in buying these combined 3D printers yourself, the price starts at $239.
If you are interested in buying a full set (
All functions are available)
The price starts at $429.
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