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why the 3d printing hype is still not matching the reality

by:QUESTT     2020-07-17
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
3D printer for a year
A long wave of media advocacy and consumer awareness, but several important steps need to be taken before these devices become mainstream products.
The first hurdle with this technology is that for printers, it is more than just a novelty project that can appeal to early users.
Unlike the first inkjet and laser printers, today\'s 3D printers can only produce small plastic products like toys, which immediately proves their usefulness.
While it is surprising to watch the process happen, it is feared that people will soon get tired of the technology.
\"There is a lot of media coverage that makes consumers think they should have one, but unfortunately there is no compelling reason for the consumer market to go out and buy one, peter barryer, vice president of research at technology research firm Gartner, said.
Despite this serious drawback, consumers have obtained 3D printers from companies such as Stratasys at a healthy rate (SSYS -Get Report)
And 3D systems (DDD -Get Report).
Gartner predicts that 217,350 3d printers will be shipped worldwide in 2015, up from 108,151 in 2014, with sales of about 2.
3 million people had left the factory by 2018.
Most of them will be sold to consumers, Basiliere said.
One reason consumers have been and will continue to buy printers is what they read online.
Story about how biotech companies can make replacement body parts using 3D printersto--as Autodesk (ADSK -Get Report)
Plan to do--
Is the common material of the website news website, let not know the 3D printer sold in Staples (SPLS)or Amazon (AMZN -Get Report)
There will be some similar capabilities.
Actually, the 3D printer market is now at the same level of development as PCs in late 1970 and early 1980, Basiliere said.
People can go out and buy a building. your-
Having a PC kit or buying a full model from one of the few manufacturers, however, once the computer is up and running at home, there is nothing ordinary people can do.
Manufacturers are doing their best to drive this development and make the printer a more valuable product.
3D printing pioneer Makerbot with GE (GE -Get Report)
A game has already started to see who can create the best 3D printing device to use in the fridge.
The game was played in Thingverse of Makerbot, an online forum where 3D design can be shared.
\"We have a very talented and creative community,\" says Jenny Lawton. \"a challenge like this is just an activity, it can really show how 3D printing and real-time prototyping on the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer can change the traditional design makerbot\'s acting CEO
Makerbot \'sparent company Stratasys reported the third time
Quarterly earnings earlier this month. In the Sept.
The company reported $203 in quarterly revenue, beating analysts\' expectations.
6 million, an increase of 62% over the same period last year.
Analysts had expected revenue to reach $195. Scope 5 million.
Despite good quarterly performance, the company adjusted earnings per share to $2. 21 to $2.
31, $2 more than previously predicted. 25 to $2. 35.
In the third quarter, Stratasys competitor 3D systems also performed well, with revenue growing 23% year on year to $166. 9 million.
This is slightly higher than the $166 expected on the street. 5 million.
Unlike Stratasys, 3D has not changed its financial forecast for the rest of the year.
In addition to the exciting revenue report, another positive sign of the 3D industry is HP\'s participation. Packard (HPQ -Get Report)to its ranks.
While HP focused its initial 3D printing efforts on commercial applications, the company traditionally brought the technology to consumers --class products.
Again, this will not happen soon, as HP is not expected to start shipping any products in two years, and it will take a few more years before entering the consumer market.
At the time of publication, the author did not hold a position in any of the above shares.
The article is a comment by an independent contributor, unlike regular news reports on the streets.
The street rating team rated 3D systems corp as a Hold with a rating of C.
For their suggestion, the street rating team has the following statement: \"We have a view of the 3D Systems Company (DDD)a HOLD.
The main factors that affect our rating are mixed?
Some have expressed strength, some have expressed weakness, and there is little evidence that the stock is justified in its positive or negative performance relative to most other stocks.
The company\'s strengths are reflected in a number of areas, such as its strong revenue growth, through most measures, the company\'s financial position is basically stable, the debt level is reasonable, and the profit margin continues to expand.
Contrary to these advantages, however, we have also found some weaknesses, including the generally disappointing performance of the stock itself, deteriorating net income and disappointing return on equity.
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