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what does it take to obtain impeccable laser cutting ...

by:QUESTT     2020-06-18

You may be an OEM engaged in laser metal cutting for many years.Or maybe someone who is about to start over.If you want to make your customers happy, it is essential to provide high quality laser cutting.In order to be able to do this, it is important to have high quality laser parts.Prima Laser parts have gained a lot of popularity among laser machine operators because they provide good quality results.Technological advances in the field of laser metal cutting are enough to prove that we need to provide better renderings every day.If you are a perfect person, then this article is for you.\"I use Trumpf laser parts in the laser cutting machine.How does its work deteriorate?Laser professionals are often heard to make this statement.There is no denying the fact that they do provide high quality results.But that in no way means they don\'t need regular maintenance.Contact the company engaged in laser cutting part maintenance, they will be sure to maintain your machine according to the maintenance cycle.Depending on the type/operation of the machine, they may perform different maintenance activities, from cleaning the lens of the machine to conducting electrical inspections.Sometimes, when you may not have used certain machines for several years.The maintenance cycle of this machine is different.When it comes to metal cutting, the lens of the machine is crucial because it affects the overall result of the cutting.During the cutting process, if the lens is not clean, it will form a layer on the lens that affects the cutting quality.Therefore, it is necessary for the operator to clean the lens after certain cutting cycles.In addition, a careful cleaning method is required when cleaning the lens, as it may further damage the lens or leave traces of the cleaning material.When it comes to lens cleaning, the operator may not know how to use the cleaner.It requires them to use a specific amount, and then the process of polishing the lens will follow.If you do the cleaning regularly, it will increase the life of the lens for about 8 months.Jet is one of the most important parts of laser machine.In addition to guiding the laser beam to the metal, jet carries the auxiliary gas required for cutting.So whether you are using a Prima Laser part or any other branded part, you have to check if you have centered the jet.Put a few seconds on the tapeAfter that, you need to make sure that the holes made on the tape are centered.After that, you need to make sure that the holes on the tape are centered.Since the hole size of the lens is small, it is better for the operator to use a magnifying glass.For such a task, instead of doing it yourself, it is better to find a company that provides maintenance services.You will definitely keep the optical cutting process!But you also have to focus on the number of cutting cycles.Initially, the operator must handle the optical focus on its own.However, the latest laser cutting machine is equipped with a system that does not require the operator to concentrate.People need to from time to time attention laser beam of color.Whenever it turns blue, the operator needs to take note of its value and repeat it three times.Once the operator obtains the average result through the process, he can input it into the laser cutting system by focusing the optical system.It\'s usually the laser cutter manufacturer who needs to decide which focus process they want to choose.So, when you go to buy Trumpf laser parts, you can also discuss with your manufacturer how to focus in the best way possible.
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