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wh williams: steel and metal bending solutions

by:QUESTT     2020-07-10
If you are looking for a metal bending solution for your steel or metal project, WH Williams is a workplace for highly skilled steel bending and metal bending professionals.
We can guarantee that whether your project is large or small, it will benefit not only from our workmanship, but also from the precision and flexibility brought about by our steel bar bending and metal bending technology.
Using the latest technology in the bending process means that we can handle up to 4000mm of the length and apply up to 230 tons of force to the material of the opponent\'s head.
We also have a lot of room for bending as well as automatic Coronation and Smart 6-axes backgauge.
Our pressure brake fleet is able to provide greater design versatility, higher accuracy and shorter settings-
Provide efficient metal manufacturing services to our customers.
WH Williams integrates our process of making metal.
In addition to WH Williams\'s metal bending service, we also offer metal folding services and laser cutting to customers across Australia.
We WH Williams specialize in steel folding and metal folding as well as the use of the world
First-class technology
WH Williams always uses precise and sophisticated metal folding and steel folding techniques.
These always lead to a perfect finish no matter what the product is.
Folding Machinery with unparalleled speed, accuracy and repeatability, with the help of modern equipment such as guillotters, folding gates and welders, we offer the best choice for shortening lead time, unparalleled quality and customization
Metal Products.
Would you like to know our laser cutting service?
We have specialized laser cutting machines to help our professional technicians give the most accurate results every time.
Our laser cutting machine is capable of perfectly cutting thick and thin plates.
We can make sure that our laser cutting is one of the most expensive
Possible effective production methods.
For more information on bending, folding or laser cutting of steel and metal, please call us by filling out the contact form (02)9647 1277.
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