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welding and assembly systems.

by:QUESTT     2020-07-29
Electronic mould company A &DIV. OF U. S.
Steel mould company
Insulation welding equipment for welding support and unsupported EVA, PVC, PET, PETG film, polyurethane and coated fabric.
Air Hydraulic Company, INC. Heat-
The positioning system includes a standard press starting from 0.
25 to 8 tons of rigid frame and positive-locking depth-
Stop using sensor control to prevent overheating. Hot-
The air fixing system melts bolts and air using tightly controlled over-heated hot air
Cool peen to coldform heads. Cold-
The positioning system includes 0 pneumatic and hydraulic press.
5 to 60 tons.
Automatic insertion system for mounting threaded female fasteners and bolts. ALLOYD CO.
RF sealing equipment from 0.
9 to 60 kW includes suitable generators and presses that are most suitable for application, as well as production tools.
Manufacturing equipment for the manufacture of disposable medical supplies, flip covers and blister packaging and for use in automobiles-
OEM and aftermarket.
American Technology Co. , Ltd. ST40 40-
KHz ultrasonic wave tube sealer for most filling machines, sealing up to 80 tubes/min including date-
Coding and trimming stations. AMPAK DIV.
Thermal Seal LLC clawtype heat-
Bag sealing equipment-
Do application.
The SureSeal system processes PVC, PE and other films from 0. 0005-to 0. 008-in. in thickness.
Blister forming and sealing equipment for PVC, PET and PETG films; skin-
Packaging Machinery from 18x24 in. to 36 x 72 in. card sizes;
And the spiral heater.
Armmark Industrial
The 1216-type blister sealer automatically puts the blister in a nested tray, pick and place card, providing a front seal and popping up the finished packaging. Camco six-
Position drive ensures the accuracy of the indicator through smooth acceleration and deceleration. Toggle-
The activated seal head provides higher pressure for a more uniform seal.
Cycle rate is 20 cpm. ATLAS-VAC machine DIV.
Tray sealer, blister sealer, thermal sealer, stand-alone product
Processing equipment and process automation for medical devices and sanitary applications.
The company offers standard and customized hot plate, linear vibration and laser welding systems.
Control software for laser Tec laser welding unit can be upgraded for weldingby-depth feasible.
Automatic production line of fuel tank.
Comprehensive technical design support and fully equipped laboratory.
Branson ultrasoundRange of 15-, 20-, 30-, and 40-
KHz ultrasonic system with 150-to 6000-
W power of most components including welding, spot welding, insertion, rotation and degassing.
Integrated welder and component systems that can be used for manual or automatic lines.
Ultrasonic repair scissors and manualheld units. On-
On-site and remote ultrasonic mold manufacturing.
The advanced all-digital power supply provides accurate control of process variables and welding quality, reduces standard deviations and improves the Cpk index of welding.
The main functions include line/load adjustment, electronic amplitude control, automatic tuning and memory (AT/M)And find the way automatically.
The touch screen model can be used for easier setup and operation as well as remote monitoring.
2000 x series microprocessor
The controlled system has several welding modes, such as time, energy, time/energy compensation, welding by distance (
Absolute and crash)
Force, as well as continuous and amplitude stepping.
Vibration welding equipment for 6 square inch parts. to 48 x 20 in.
Linear friction welding is effective for parts with complex geometry and resin that is difficult to weld with ultrasonic wave. Hy-
Linear vibration welders include online
Board Computer for monitoring parameters and controlling machine functions.
Track vibration welding, which is a process of using constant friction
As 30-speed track motion of welding materialsmil part-to-part clearance; hot-
A direct hot welding technology suitable for complex and irregular shapes (
Can bend joints on all planes);
Suitable for rotating welding of round parts with final orientation in the range of 1 [degrees]
And hot welding.
A new process, welded by laser IRAM, through a plastic part (
Transmission element)
Within a second of being absorbed into the melting interface (
Absorbed ingredients).
The process is accurate, harmless, controllable and clean.
Can be used with different materials. Two IR-
Transmission parts can be welded by IR-laser
Absorption products developed by Gentex
Cosmic electronic machines
Complete RF welding equipment with 1 kw to 50 kw generator.
Full PLC control and complete automation system including robot feeder, strip, cutting and punching station.
Available with turntable, shuttle or in-line indexers. In-
Internal RF Tool Manufacturing facilities available for a full turnkey project.
Kabar manufacturing is also available.
DRADER injection yield INC.
Production of welding equipment and supplies.
Injectiweld is an easyto-useone-
Manual Injection welding machine for repair, manufacture and prototyping.
The unit has a hot tip that can melt the parent plastic material and inject high
Pressure shooting of molten plastic into the welding zone.
Plastic welding rods are also supplied. DUKANE CORP.
Super music.
Supplier of plastic assembly system for plastic welding.
Standard line for ultrasonic, vibration, heat
Provide solutions for flat panel, rotary welding machine and laser welding machine according to customer\'s requirements.
The production line also includes film and fabric sewing splitters and custom automated assembly systems.
The company provides application engineering.
Responsible for the network of consultants, regional technical centres and international offices.
Technical training programs, services and support.
Energy industry CorporationInduction cap-
The sealing system establishes a magnetic field that heats the foil in the lining of the cover to produce a sealing seal.
Seal to prevent leakage, keep the product fresh and provide tampering
Obvious packaging.
The system includes portable Compak Jr. and Auto Jr. units, air-
Cold Super seal series (
Models 50, 75 and 100)
Super sealed Max and water-
Cooling system. Top-of-the-
Line Assists 2000 includes touch screen control.
Use various power supplies for tunnels and tablets-
More efficient sealing head can be provided. EXTOL INC.
Supplies infra-red heat-
Standard list included-
Head unit with rotating part-
High-handling tables and multi-head unitsspeed assembly.
Technology hotspots-plate welders (
10 standard models)provide high-
Strength, sealing, high speed rate, and unusual part geometry can be welded.
Servo, hydraulic and pneumatic models are available in almost all part sizes.
Linear vibration welding machine (
4 Standard models)
Powerful and efficient patent doublepole digital (servo)
Driver and super
The quiet sound case provides precise welding control or applications large and small by allowing up to eight separate time steps, folding distance and absolute distance, with variable force and amplitude at each step.
Hydraulic and pneumatic models are available.
Infrared welding machine (
9 standard models)provide high-
No strength, Seal seal required for coating or partial contact.
No daily warm-up time required, low power consumption.
Unusual part geometry can be welded with reduced flash.
Servo, hydraulic and pneumatic models are available.
Servo or inertia rotary welding machine (
4 Standard models)weld circular-
Joint parts with speeds from 500 to 16,000 rpm.
Fast welding time, easy installation of rotating workbench for equipment
Speed production.
Servo and pneumatic models are available. Custom-
The built-in leak test system is designed to perform pressure attenuation, vacuum attenuation, chamber attenuation leak test, occlusion or mass flow test on production components, and can also be equipped for electrical inspection, functional testing and inspection of sub
Component exists.
All test data can be exported to a data collection device or printer.
The electronic burst test system is designed to test that the sample part is faulty or periodically tested in an environment containing fluid (
Water/alcohol mixture).
Design and manufacture custom tools for all systems.
Custom systems and standards for semi-automatic/fully automated assembly systems that contain the company\'s welding/testing processes.
Popular H/A industriesair/cold-
The stock machine from the desktop to the fully automatic system includes a handheld device with a variety of shares
Low yield head shape.
Applications include heater piping assemblies, decorative work on the dashboard, automotive and truck door assemblies, rubber gimp assemblies on tail lights and steering columns
Gloves-trim panel assembly
Registers on the box door and cluster baffle.
Build the assembly system for any type of clip application.
Sonic welding fixtures including ABS and PP foam eliminate the need for glue.
An infrared system that replaces heat
In order for the plastic to be heated for bonding, the need for flat plates to weld and eliminate contact with parts is under development.
HELLERBOND equipment, adhesives and high technology
Quick induction bonding.
When the magnetic particles in the adhesive are exposed to the RF field, the Weld generated by the heat generated by the magnetic.
Adhesive used as liquid, Hot Melt Adhesive, Mold
Film, molded gasket, ribbon, filament or coextrusion.
Welding bonding is achieved in TP polyester, PC, PP, HDPE, nylon, po/PPE mixture, FEP fluorine polymer, ABS, PVC and many TP elastomer.
It can be used for accelerated curing of epoxy adhesives connecting SMC and other heat groups.
Heraeus Norre company
Infrared heating provided-
It is said that the installation system can shorten the cycle time by 50%, reduce the use of energy, extend the life of the heater, and reduce the heat in the workplace.
The system is a non-contact welding method that uses the infrared hot melt part surface before pressing the part surface to form a weld.
It is said that this method is more firmly combined than hot plate welding at a lower cost and is also a substitute for Super welding
Heating air and cold metal heating
Positioning methods used by the automotive industry.
Herman ultrasound
CNC ultrasonic welding machine for sealing and connecting fabric, film and thermoplastic parts.
The system of continuous web applications has Micro
Gap controller, available at 20 kHz for line speeds exceeding 600/min.
Standard system with 500-index in 35 kHz and 20 kHz outputsto 5000-
Watt configuration.
Closed Technologyloop, real-
Time frequency regulation, proportional air-
Valve Adjustment, variable force control and self
Check the diagnosis.
Welders can be calibrated in ISO 9000 and FDA production environments for verification.
RF high frequency technology
Frequency of 1-1 plastic welder/sealkw to 75-
Kw output with pneumatic or hydraulic press.
Supply pre-processed brass electrode/mold rules and mold making equipment for in-
House Manufacturing by RF heating
Seal the mold/electrode.
Hill Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Welding equipment including heat
Cold welding, ultrasonic welding, hot welding
Plate welding, vibration, rotary welding.
The welding equipment of the Italian Trade Commission of the Italian company includes thin film Heat Sealing (bag-
Production, packaging); high-
Frequency welding of stationery, packaging, auto parts, medical supplies and inflatable supplies;
For ultrasonic welding of assembly molded and/or extruded parts.
Kamweld technologies, INC. Hot-
Air welders for the manufacture of thermoplastic.
Both stores are available-
Model of analog or digital control.
Heating device for bending plastic sheets of various lengths and widths.
Industrial strength
Air guns for continuous and precise heat
Air applications.
KIEFEL Technology Co. , Ltd. Thermo-
High-contact weldingfrequency (RF)
Sealing and combination RF/contactequip for sealing various plastics.
Online, rotating and shuttle configuration.
The diversity of automation.
The Colpitt RF Welding system includes 4-, 6-, 8-and 10-
Station turntable model and in-
Automated systems.
Complete turnkey engineering service.
KVT Technology Division
Emerson Electric Canada LimitedHot-
Flat panel, ultrasonic and rotary welders;
No-chip drilling of hollow containers; and hot-air/cold-
Pile Driver
Professional Systems for plastic fuel tanks and other automotive applications.
Gao Lamy Products Co. , Ltd. speed hot-
Gas welders have six interchanging \"positions-
Heating element with welding temperature of 450 to 1150 degrees Fahrenheit
Wattage is 250 to 750 and heat is concentrated on the top for easy handling of barrels.
Also portable air compressor, extra
High-long barrel
Thermal applications and various cutting-edge configurations. Nitrogen-
It is reported that the saving device can reduce the nitrogen consumption by 50%.
Equipment used to manufacture bending and welding of thermoplastic plates for cans, covers, etc.
, And the contact welder of the pipe.
Laser solutions and systems for sealing C [O. sub. 2](5-500 watts)
Nd: Yag laser system (
Diode and lamp pump)
Laser Tube, XY and flying optical cutting table, marking and engraving system with on-the-fly technology.
Laser system with material
Processing power of roll-to-roll and paper-fed. DC-
CW and RF pulse lasers and hybrid systems using galvo and XY technologies.
Laser cutting, sealing, slitting, Microdrilling, high-
Speed marking, bar code, product identification, removal of selective material and kiss cutting.
YAG marking system for plastics and metals.
Laser equipment supply diode, quasi-scanning laser welding machinesimultaneous (QS)and contour (K)
Versions of automotive, medical, optical and electronic welding. Top-
It is said that the lower clamp design allows the unit to be easily installed on the conveyor belt for use on a compact automated production line.
High supply of Leicester Technology Co. , Ltd. power laser (diode)-
Welding equipment specially used for assembly of hot plastic parts.
The Novolas WS system is an independent system.
Provides turnkey systems for profile, simultaneous, shielding, and global welding.
Novolas Basic is a component-
Level system for automated integration, providing high
Capacity for mass production. LEPEL CORP. Solid-
Sealing System from low state
Hand-made to high volume
Automatic Packaging.
Seal size of 5mm diameter.
160mm off.
Induction heating power supply and work-
Treatment System for adhesive and induction cover-
Sealing System for sealing foil laminated film for plastic and glass containers.
General Electric CompanyHeavy-
Industrial duty
High quality hot fire gun with universal high
Mold speed performance
Cast iron shell, external replaceable carbon brush, non
Sliding adjustable bracket, off-cool-
Enhanced Hot switch for cloud chips-
Insulating ceramic heating elements and 6 ft. cordset.
The model with a temperature of 1000 F is 120 v, UL-listed and CSA-certified.
MS plastic welder Co. , Ltd.
Global supplier of multi-head ultrasonic welding machines mainly used for automotive doors and dashboards, bumper panels, consoles and other internal and external parts.
MTS Systems
Department of Material Testing
LW laser welding device using diode
Type scanner laser 50-and 200-w power.
National Instrument CompanyThermal-
Pulse sealing device for thermoplastic film.
The sealing length is 24 in. Production 2mm-Wide flat seal.
OLSEH Manufacturing Company, INC.
Rotate the welder from the bench
Free input model-
Welding 24-standing Machinein. -diam, parts.
The welder has a double palm button when starting the welding cycle to ensure safety
State programmable controller.
The basic rotary welder is modular and can be incorporated into the automatic line.
Hot Plastic forming and welding equipment, hot-
Installation machinery, assembly system, installation machine;
And forming, fastening and assembly systems.
Packaging Auxiliary Equipment Company
The thermal sealing machine of the line is provided including the triode Futura seriesheld and table-
Top constant temperature seal;
And the triode, Sealboy, Sealmaster, super Poly, FS-
16 pulse seals.
And all kinds of tables.
Top sealer with or without vacuum or vacuum/gas flushing capability.
Customized machines are available.
SEBRA designs and manufactures equipment for bio-RF Welding and precision heating technology
Pharmaceutical Processing, catheter manufacturing, medical plastic welding. SEELYE INC. Hot-
Air thermoplastic welding equipment is characterized by barrels cooled for the safety of operators. SENCORP INC.
Production sealing, including automatic on-line blister and flap sealing, manual hot sealing
Bar sealer, pulse sealer and shuttle-
Tray sealer.
CeraTek laboratories and medical sealers are suitable for sealing medical bags and thermoforming trays.
Features include top heating, process control and LCD touch screen HMI display, off-
Cycle temperature control, verification port and process fault indication, under-heating sealed mold independently controlled, vacuum/gas flushing, formula storage and data acquisition. CeraTek multi-
Use precision desktop-
The bar sealer allows the front two-to-
Back and side pass
Through the ability to seal bags at any depth.
CeraPak on-line flap and blister sealer for visual packaging, designed for sealing of various packages including surface, folding card, plastic-to-
Plastic flap and medical device and drug dosepak.
CeraPak line also includes a modular large sealer designed to seal the groove plate without the need for glue or adhesive.
Suitable for warehouse club packaging applications.
Complete turnkey system is provided, including fully automatic product loading, finishing, packing and packing.
All seals can be customized-designed.
Service Construction CompanyFusion-
The bonding machine has a barrier-free side platform that is easy to replace tools. Hot-
Various sizes of air stuck machine with available tools. SERVPAK CORP. Table-top heat-
Sealed pre-cut heat-
Sealing cover or film rolling on rigid or semi-rigid
Rigid container.
Low manual operating system
Batch production and pneumatic operating systems for laboratory applications.
Special units designed for medical applications can be installed in the laboratory hood.
The main equipment lines of plastic assembly equipment, tools and systems include ultrasonic welding, installation and insertion machines with frequency of 40, 20 and 15 kHz, which are capable of welding in digital time, constant energy or distance mode with power output of 500 to 4000 Watts.
Provide basic manual
Handheld systems and benches
Model of pneumatic pressure system.
For applications requiring a greater depth of welding control, the press system provides the final welding tolerance [+ or -]0. 0003 in.
For welding of large plastic parts, complete series of linear vibration welding system, high standard for round or round plastic parts
Torque rotary welding machine is provided.
SONOBOND ultrasonic company
Ultrasonic assembly equipment for welding, rivets and insertion.
The surewield welding system includes traditional 20 kHz units with power levels ranging from 800 to 3000 w;
35 kHz units of 400 to 900 w for smaller components; and a 70-kHz, 90-
W unit for welding and cutting micro plastic parts.
The Sureweld 20 and 35 have rectangular support columns that eliminate deflection and are built in
In finding the flat and T-slot and toe fixture, the workpiece can be fixed, thus improving the control and repeatable accuracy.
The welder\'s power supply can be installed separately or integrated into the device.
The equipment is suitable for holding multiple welding nests and can be used in hand-held models and modules for easy integration into the production line.
The company provides tailor line, slitting machine and hand-held cutter for ultrasonic \"sewing machine\" for cutting and sealing film plastic film and fabric.
Spirol International
Production lines for engineering fasteners and assembly equipment include pin and pin mounting equipment;
Vibration components-
Feeder equipment and systems; and low-
Install the insert into the cost assembly equipment in the thermoplastic plastic by heat transfer. Heat-
Simple and repeatable settings can be implemented by inserting drivers and providing larger inputsProcess Control.
Preset, repeatable air pressure and temperature settings ensure uniform insertion installation and maximum insertion performance.
HM drive for low
The volume and prototype installation and model of the HP drive are half
Automatic installation.
The HP driver is also suitable for installing multiple inserts at the same time.
Model HA driver for high fit
Automatic installation of volume.
STAPLA ultrasound
Ultrasonic welding equipment is provided.
Recently launched a controller that uses 20-and 50-KHz frequency.
The new sewing welding machine binds the hot plastic film with orientation PET, PP, PE and other less than 0 together. 006 in. thick.
Star productsRF heat-
Manufacturers and designers of sealing molds and fixtures for medical disposable supplies, flip cover packaging, inflatable bags and automotive products. Blister heat-
Sealing tools for PVC, PE and other films.
Automation Equipment for RF thermal sealing machines, including-
Temperature-wire indexing, rotary turntable, shuttle
Control Panel and feeder.
Thermoforming molds and accessories for film products and packaging.
Rail head-TAUMEL assembly system
The forming machine can replace the ultrasonic welding or thermal welding of many thermoplastic plastics.
Cold form up to 0. 625-in. -diam.
Pin, column, shaft or bushing (
Round or rectangular)
Equipped with pneumatic power machine and up to 1 set. 4-in-diam.
Hydraulic machinery.
An infinitely adjustable molding pressure protects delicate components.
Molded labels, ridges, bumps, and overall projections can be formed-
Fix the parts in place without affecting the work area or parts.
TELSONIC ultrasound, INC.
MTS Telsonic offers ultrasonic welding and slit-
Sealing System from Swiss Telsonic including bench
Top models of up to 6000
W power plus heatplate and spin-
Welding equipment.
Hot Press International manufactured standard and custom hot/pressed pneumatic hot press for assembly.
Automated assembly equipment for hot welding, hot sealing, hot bonding and hot insertion.
The service sector includes automotive, medical and electronics.
Provide product design and development engineering.
Supplier of replacement hot pile tools for all brands of hot pile equipment. THERMEX-THERMATRON, INC. High-
Frequency-mediated electric heating-
Sealing equipment for welding, heat sealing, stamping and die cutting support and unsupported vinyls from 1 kw to 100 kw. Harmonic-
Free unit with stable frequency.
Accessories include Feeder, index, insert, shuttle, turntable, temperature-
Control platforms and tools, molds and fixtures. TOOLTEX INC.
Automation and stand
Separate ultrasonic welding systems and tools. Also hot-
Flat welder, rotary welder
Hot equipmentair cold-
Welding Systems, induction welding and insertion systems, and vibrating welders and fixtures.
Ultrasonic sealing company
Ultrasonic welding equipment in 15-15, 20-and 40-kHz.
Tools for welding, forming, spot welding, insertion, pipe sealing and continuous film sealing.
Equipment range from small hands-
Equipment for large automation systems.
Welding can be continuous, timing, depth
Control with qc functions. Spin-
Low welding equipment, medium-, high-
Torque setting for small to large round parts;
Vibration welding and thermal welding of large parts
Irregular plate weldingshaped parts.
Less ultrasound of Zapper PW10 and PW20 ultrasonic welding machines. Model PW10 (1000 watts)
For connecting small plastic parts, the simplest-to-
Welding materials and hot welding applications. Model PW20 (2000 watts)
For larger parts. High-
Energy output makes it suitable for highspeed, high-
Volume work, long linear welds and difficult-to-weld materials.
The company also provides a full range of standard tooling and accessories.
USF Machine Systems Co. , Ltd. High-
RF heating efficiency
Sealing equipment for sealing and stamping PVC film and coated fabric from 1 kw to 200 kw.
Thermal contact welding of film.
A flat press with a working area up to 13x27 in is designed to perform ultrasonic welding of various films.
Valard electric heating companyElectric-
Pulse heat seal with 14-and 18-in.
Manual hot sealing claw with 6-in. jaws, heat-
Sealed iron with thermal control and specially sealed heating elements.
Wei gener North AmericaHot-air hand-
Welding system for manufacture and repair of rigid plates and pipes;
Hot guns and wedge welders for industrial fabrics and single use
Roof system; hot-
Air extrusion welders for manufacture and repair of rigid plates and pipes;
Fusion bending machine for plate docking;
Plastic docking, socket fusion machinery, tools;
Plastic pipe saw.
ZED industrial companyBlister heat-
From 10x10 in, the sealing machine with the size of the press plate/sealing area. to 25 x 50 in.
Full set of equipment from entry-
Laboratory/test unit for fully automated, computer-controlled production systems;
Rotary sealing device; in-line sealers;
Shuttle sealer;
Special Unit for hot sealing and decoration/die cutting.
In addition, sealing and decorating machines from 8 x l0 in to 200 tons are also provided. to 60 x 72 in. Complete in-
Line, table/fill/SEAL unit with template area for 5 × 7 in. to 25 x 40 in.
For hardware, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic and toy applications.
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