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Weekend Workshop: How to build a laser engraver on the cheap

by:QUESTT     2020-04-16
Do you need something to keep busy this weekend?
Don\'t look again.
The weekend workshop is our weekly column and we show a bad DIY project that you can do with minimal skills and expertise.
We have gone through all the online tutorials on the Web and have done extra to identify simple, affordable and fun projects.
So put on your work pants, grab your tool belt and go to the garage --
It\'s time to start building!
Take a quick stroll through any manufacturer-
Facing the website, you will find that the DIY Laser sculptor building is not lacking.
There are countless such things on the Internet, but not everything is equal.
Some are impossible complicated and expensive while others are so low
The budget is pieced together in a mess, and they are hardly worth the effort.
But of all the homemade laser sculptors we \'ve come across, this one from Instructables eld99 is definitely one of the best.
The advantage of MichielD99/structure this particular building is that it is made of relatively cheap materials and electronic components, but it is designed in such a way that the final product looks very clean and
It also has a pretty large carved surface (500 x 380mm)
The design of the tool head can be exchanged.
If you change the laser to Dremel, the machine will suddenly become a CNC router.
So not only can you carve leather or cut cardboard with this machine
You can also use it to cut super-
The exact shape in wood, foam, or plastic.
Your imagination limits possibilities.
The craziest part?
The whole thing is made up of a 16-year-
He is an old man from Belgium, and it only took about three months from the beginning to the end.
As an added benefit, the build instructions for michield99 are very simple and can be followed by almost anyone, and the entire build can be done with relatively few tools.
Here\'s everything you need to get started: Tools: Materials: once you \'ve assembled everything, you\'ll also need some special software to make designs that sculptors can understand.
But don\'t worry.
Michield99 you also reported all of these things.
Go to instructures to get the full build instructions, programming tutorials, and all the other things you may need. Happy building!
Complete instructions on how to make this laser engraver can be found here.
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