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Unique CO2 Laser Cutting Processes

by:QUESTT     2020-06-17
Laser can be used to cut a wide variety of materials.With laser cutting machines, paper and plastic can be cut precisely easily.This machine can even cut plywood up to 1 \"thick.It can also be used to cut metal plates.Typically, the power of the laser is modulated to select the cutting of various levels.Small mirrors are used to guide light from the laser to a specific position on the material.The bottom of the cutting area is made of honeycomb material to allow the laser to pass through.This must be replaced regularly.The laser cutting machine is different from the traditional mechanical cutting machine.Since the laser has never had physical contact with the material, there are also fewer opportunities for the material to be contaminated.The precision of cutting materials by laser cutting machine is also higher than that of mechanical tools.Laser cutting is a quiet process compared to traditional mechanical cutting.Safety is also important, so most laser machines are fully enclosed to prevent accidents.The most common laser cutting machine in industry today is CO2 laser.Compared with other types of lasers, it has advantages in cost, efficiency and power and has become the industry standard.Compared to processes such as oxygen or plasma, the laser cutting done using a CO2 laser is excellent.Proper use of efficient nozzles, feed speeds, pulse settings and gas pressure can produce good square cuts on smooth surfaces.For most applications, only minimal post-finishing is required.However, the CO 2 laser cutting cannot be copied and processed.Parts usually have a heat-affected zone, but this is small compared to a more traditional process.The thermal deformation is very small, which is one of the key advantages of the process.CO2 laser systems can be used almost anywhere using more traditional processes such as oxygen and plasma cutting.However, CO2 laser cutting machines have advantages in cutting a wider range of materials such as plastic and wood.CO2 lasers can be installed on a variety of different motion systems, from small desktop units for small work, to large gantry systems for cutting large plates, to robotic arms for 3D cuttingSeveral broad applications of CO2 laser cutting are steel-shaped profiles, cutting or drilling of steel parts, cutting of thin metal plates, cutting of plastic signs and masks, cutting of wood profiles, cutting of fabric and plastic film.
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