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Systems: Manufacturing techniques

by:QUESTT     2020-04-20
The electronic system of electronic products often needs moisture-proof.
There are many manufacturing processes to choose from based on the design, the materials used, and the number of products manufactured.
Plastics are most commonly used in electronics because they: protect components and users well insulated, produce less waste than other materials and are cheaper than other materials. Injection molding is the most common process in the production of electronic shells for a variety of reasons: fastit uses a variety of plastic materials (
Available in multiple colors)
It can achieve complex shapes, leaving a good surface. The initial production cost of the mold is very high, and the replacement cost is very high;
However, mass production is possible once established.
3D printing is used in many ways, such as when creating a prosthetic limb, because it enables the designer to produce complex shapes without using the mold.
Acrylic Acid Ding benzene (ABS)
Plastic is usually used for 3D printing because it is waterproof, wear-resistant and has multiple colors to choose from, although it is often distorted on a 3D printing bed.
Lactic acid (PLA)
It is a material that is easier to print when melting at a lower temperature.
3D printing models for manual 3D printing can also be used in the production of electronic system enclosures, as they can be designed to perfectly package the product.
The laser cutting machine can cut and engrave various materials and can be used to make the case suitable for electronic products.
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