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by:QUESTT     2020-04-20
Laser cutting and 3D printing laser cutting machine can use computer-aided design (CAD)
Cut or carve complex shapes from cards, wood, foam, plastic or circuit boards.
The advantages of laser cutting the disadvantages of laser cutting the precise and precise equipment is expensive, because it is necessary to maintain the complex shape of the cutting, and the cutting ventilation is required. Smooth 3d printingCAM)
Follow the CAD design process, place layers on top of each other repeatedly and create 3D objects.
Fine silk of plastic (
Acrylic Acid Ding benzene (ABS)
Lactic acid (PLA), Nylon)
It is fed into the machine and heated in order to soften and stick to the first layer.
It is used in many industries, including in the production of artificial limbs, but can also be used in electronic products.
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