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by:QUESTT     2020-06-29
The manufacture of most materials requires professional tools and equipment to be formed.
The housing and housing of electronic and mechanical products are formed to match and protect the products, making them more practical and beautiful. Vacuum molding-
The plastic housing can be formed by vacuum, forming a thin housing, and the electronic circuit can be hidden in the injection molding
Inject the molten plastic into the mold, giving a precise form that can change the thickness, ensure that the parts are accurately combined together, and that electrical or mechanical parts can be wrapped, for example, in children\'s toys, vacuum molding machines can be used to make molds and shells for electronic products. High-
Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
It is usually the material used in the vacuum cleaner, because it will be heated quickly according to the thickness.
The process is as follows: the hips are heated once, and the solid former is pressed from the bed that can open the vacuum to the hips, removing all the air hips from around the breasts in the form of a solid breast course-key-
In fact, the shape of a solid in a vacuum is called the former;
The hollow part of vacuum forming is called the mold.
Sometimes it is possible to sprinkle some talc on the former so that it can easily fall out of the mold. A good vacuum-
Only when a good mold is made first, it is possible to form the mold.
The former must have a draft angle so that it is not stuck in the mold.
The mold is usually used to pour the liquid into it like a jelly, so that the liquid forms the shape of the mold.
The polymer can also be formed by pressure molding and hanging molding, once heated
Common method of forming acrylic.
Once the acrylic resin is hot and plastic, it can press on the acrylic resin to form a new shape.
Waste waste is the process of cutting materials with tools and equipment.
Good design can minimize waste.
There are several waste processes to choose from for electronic and mechanical systems. laser cutter -
Can use computer-aided design (CAD)
A program that draws and cuts any shape with wood, plastic, or circuit boards, and can also cut complex shapes such as plastic gears
Printed circuit board (PCBs)
Before adding any component, it should be cut into shape, the most accurate way is to use the guillotine and the guillotine uses a sharp blade to cut the thin sheet to drill holes
Can be drilled through a PCB to provide an accurate location for adding components by hand or using computer numerical control (CNC)
Computer numerical control (CNC)router -
For the cutting, engraving and drilling of the pcb, the cutting blade is rotated and along the pre-
Planning route addition quickly and accurately is the process of adding on materials. Soldering -
It can be done by hand or by machine, in which case the welding is heated until the liquid, then added to the components and PCB for cooling and setting, allowing the current to flow from one point to another --
By melting the working material as well as the filler or electrode, it creates a firm bond that allows the metal to be connected together in a mechanical system. For light steel, such as trailersmig welding for light steel, for example car body welding for connecting metal panels, gas welding for connecting pipes 3d printing
Can be used to build or cover areas that need to be protected with little waste, but now is the time
3d printing is classified as additive manufacturing instead of subtraction.
Additives are manufactured to form polymer forms in layers, while subtraction manufacturing takes the material away from larger parts.
There is little waste when using additive technology, which makes it more eco-friendly.
3D printing is ideal for one-
Stop production or prototyping because of its speed and relatively low manufacturing costs.
There are many 3D printer filaments to choose from-some polymer-
Filaments made of carbon fiber, different wood fibers and even metal.
It is possible to make an effective prototype with these techniques. Polymer-
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