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sizzling production with lights-out laser cutting; a linear …

by:QUESTT     2020-07-11
Robert H. Peterson Co. (
California industrial city)
Find the right ingredients within 24 hoursper-
Daily cutting of Stainless Steel Grill and gas log burner system components. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Manufacturer of high-
End Stainless Steel Grill and fireplace products are the pioneers of unmanned laser cutting and are confident to allow the material handling system to be CL-
707 laser, so it can provide parts with high quality edge and surface finish.
Most importantly, the company does not need to pay someone to supervise the process.
The core of the company\'s system is Cincinnati linear-motor-driven CL-
707 laser cutting machine with automatic material handling system on the side.
\"We are at the forefront of the lights --
\"We launched laser cutting and successfully completed the cutting in the last two years without major issues,\" said Jon Bridgewater, senior vice president of Peterson . \".
\"We can run the laser all night without hiring Class 2 or Class 3 and without the need to purchase additional lasers.
Laser for 20 hours-per-
Most of the day is at night.
\"Peterson\'s CL-
707 is one of the first Cincinnati companies.
Laser with automatic material handling system.
New users of Cincinnati have also updated the laser-
Friendly Programming and nesting software that provides simple
Machine programming while maximizing the use of paper.
After laser cutting, the parts are delivered to the Cincinnati Autoform or Proform pressure brake for precise bending procedures to ensure precise fit
House assembly line.
Rapid prototyping in addition to lights
During production, the laser provides maximum flexibility for rapid prototyping, sampling, and design changes.
\"We used to be a hard tool store, limiting the number of design changes due to high tool costs and lead times,\" said Peterson factory manager Brian Osram . \".
\"We are committed to continuous product improvement and the laser enables us to implement any changes quickly and easily.
Peterson produces a stylish Fire Magic stainless steel sports car grill.
The company purchased the grill business from Whittier steel in 1982.
Auslam, the \"chef master\" of the business unit, also took part in the acquisition, bringing a Cincinnati Vintage cut made in 1963. The 40-year-
The old, 10\' cut still reliably cut parts for Peterson today.
In addition to cutting and laser, the company also has five Cincinnati brakes and an OBS press with die pads for blanking and stretching.
Petersen company
Also produce fireplace gas log system and produce your own ceramic log for this product line.
The company is proud of what it does.
Houses from metal manufacturing to final assembly, packaging and transportation.
Although there is only one shift at Petersen\'s factory, it still wants production to last until the evening.
After the study of various technologies, it is decided to use laser cutting technology for automatic material processing.
Auslam compared lasers from different manufacturers and found that CL-
707 with Cincinnati-
High design and construction
The speed linear motor drive \"blew everyone else away.
It provides everything we want with a laser cutter. -
\"Excellent speed, surface finish, edge quality and flexibility,\" said Auslam . \". [
Slightly] IllustrationsThe CL-
Purchased 707 in 1998 with 5 \'X 10\' double trays.
Although not initially equipped with a material handling system, Cincinnati later added two more
Shelf automation systems that meet the company\'s lighting objectives-out production.
Peterson uses shelves for storage--
One for paper and the other for finished cutting.
\"We even added a digital camera that allows us to monitor lasers from home over the Internet,\" said Auslam . \". Finish-
Key parts Peterson cuts most of the stainless steel sheet assembly of its grille on CL-707.
\"Surface finish is critical for these topsof-the-
Line gate \"Auslam.
Most of the components are from 4 stainless steel (5\' x 10\' sheet)
, It has a protective film applied by a steel supplier to keep it scratched
It is free before delivery to the customer.
Using nitrogen-assisted gas, the film on the material is laser cut, resulting in super strong
No clean edges of \"Blue\"
Side \"color change.
\"We rarely need to modify the parts,\" said Auslam . \".
Laser use 1350-
According to Auslam, the Watt resonance cavity is cut like a \"large\" resonance cavity.
\"What it can cut is great ---
How fast is it, \"said Auslam.
\"Also, the fast linear motor drive is now as accurate as the day we purchased it.
Cincinnati now offers a choice between 3300-watt diffusion-
Cooling chamber or 4000-
Its high power Watt fast axial flow oscillatorspeed CL-707.
Peterson added Cincinnati\'s new laser programming and nesting software, allowing operators to program directly on the machine.
\"Nested software allows us to add small parts to the nest when we produce at night, and we usually produce parts on the media during the day,\" said Auslam . \".
\"We call it \'reward parts\', which maximizes the use of materials.
\"According to Bridgewater, the versatility of the laser and the ease of programming allow Peterson to make minor changes and adjustments to existing designs.
The company launches two or four new grill products each year, and laser is the key to rapid prototyping.
\"Programming the laser is very easy, we can create the part design now, and we can cut the part in an hour,\" Bridgewater said . \".
\"Bend with a Proform or Autoform in Cincinnati and add another hour or so, we have a component --ready part.
\"Peterson\'s first purchase in Cincinnati was a 6-
The 1994 axis backtracking instrument is still running strongly today.
\"We\'re essentially a bottom-
\"Bending the shop without air bending because it is difficult to control the angle,\" said Auslam . \".
\"Automatic forms change the way we do things.
In 1994, we even went to the technology center of Cincinnati, where we learned a lot about shaping.
\"Now, Peterson air uses Europe-
Style tool for easy exchange between pressure brakes.
\"Our parts have to be assembled together precisely because most of the parts are bolted together on the assembly line,\" explained Auslam . \".
\"The rivet holes must be lined up.
If they\'re a little misaligned, the laser can get us back quickly. program and re-locate them.
\"With the full range of Cincinnati ---
Auslam has realized to what extent Cincinnati is dedicated to providing good customer service.
\"The Cincinnati company has made finding a person here a priority, and even if all the local people are tied up, they have to take someone\'s plane,\" said Auslam . \".
\"This is especially important for stores like us that have only one cut laser.
If it goes down, we won\'t cut the steel or produce the product.
Cincinnati company www. rsleads. com/401mn-
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