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Organic Music? A Look at Laser Cutter Records

by:QUESTT     2020-05-01
What is retro, organic, good for the environment, sounds interesting?If you pick up the wood record, you win the prize.While the launch of lasers and discs has killed vinyl records to a large extent, Amanda gasay, a creative software engineer, revived this low-level album using wood and laser cutting machines.The result is a surprisingly beautiful platter with familiar shapes and round ridges on vinyl albums.The texture of the wood adds organic quality, lifting the disc onto the artwork.Because even with high-tech laser cutting machines, cutting wood is not as good as cutting vinyl --At least with the technology used by engineersThe spine of the wooden album is about twice that of the standard vinyl album.Ghassaei originally used a 3D printer to try different ways of playing music, but eventually realized that most people could not use expensive 3D printers.In contrast, the CNC laser cutting machine is more accessible.Ghassaei first extracts the audio data from the WAV file and then processes it with the script she developed for this purpose.And laser-Like its vinyl siblings, cut wooden record plays music with poor sound quality.A video posted on Vimeo shows the running record so you can see and hear it in all its glory.It is believed that the big Ridge is the cause of sound distortion.However, despite the poor sound quality, it still has its charm according to its own wooden record.Not only is this idea unique and interesting, it also takes music out of the airwaves and brings it back to Earth.If you are interested in cutting your own wooden album with a laser cutter, Ghassaei has posted her instructions online.If you want to make wooden records with a laser cutter, you can use Ghassaei\'s script as a guide, which can be used as a downloadable PDF vector file on her website.Scripts can be edited to accommodate different laser cutting machines, materials, sizes, and turntable speeds.After downloading and editing the script and purchasing materials and laser cutting machines, the laser cutting machine uses the vector file as a pattern and cuts the groove.Though impractical, lowFi, Ghassaei\'s wooden album is a step back for a simpler era.When friends get together to listen to the album.When listening to music, there is also a tactile element that can have a better or worse effect on music.Those who take special care of their album enjoy the original listening experience, while those who are not scratched and skipped enjoy it.By extracting music from airwaves and 4g networks and physically cutting it to wooden discs, Ghassaei once again made the music tangible, perhaps social.By sharing her process and script, she makes it possible for anyone who is eager for easier time to create their own wooden album.While you may or may not get your lost youth back, you will definitely end up with a conversation to start.
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