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micromachining versus laser etching

by:QUESTT     2020-07-11
When the laser is used to engrave numbers, letters and even pictures on various objects, laser engraving is performed.
Initially, engraving on an object needs to be linked to the service you are carving, and it needs to be replaced constantly once the tool drill bit is worn out.
Laser engraving technology does not require the use of tool bits, but there are many ways to mark or engrave objects.
In this article, we will discuss laser etching and two different types of micro-machining.
Most laser etching machines consist of three main components: Laser, controller and surface.
The beam used by the laser, small to the tip of the pencil, can trace and etching patterns on various surfaces.
The computer-generated program guides the controller precisely to create complex patterns and details.
The controller manipulates the direction, movement speed, strength and even width of the beam itself.
This is how companies that offer laser etching produce custom designs for almost any \"laser-capable\" material.
The surface is carefully matched with the etched product and the reaction of the laser to it.
There are three different types of etching machines used to produce various results. The X-
The Y-stage etching machine is the most common of all etching equipment.
In most cases, the surface or workpiece is stationary, while the laser will pass through the X-Y directions.
There are also etching machines with surface movement and laser fixation.
The second etching device is used for a cylindrical or flat surface mounted on a cylindrical object.
The third method is to use the galvo mirror.
This is unique because both the laser and the surface are fixed, but the mirror moves on the surface.
Unlike laser etching, micro-machining is a different process, but is the same in some ways.
However, both laser etching and micro-machining perform an etching method, which uses two different processes to produce marks on selected materials.
The first method is micro-machining of the surface.
This method uses a series of film deposition or layer and etching to create a structure located at the top of the substrate.
Like laser etching, the angle and size will be defined in detail.
Another method mentioned is batch micro-machining.
Like other methods, bulk micromachining can be done with wet etching or dry etching.
Heterosexual wet etching is the most commonly used in most enterprises today.
This type of etching takes advantage of the fact that Silicon consists of a crystal structure, which simply means that all atoms are arranged in straight lines and planes.
It is very convenient to use this medium, and the price is reasonable, it carving the inclined walls and contours in the structure.
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